Brazilian film premieres at the Brooklyn Film Festival

“Welcome, Violet!” tells the story of Ana (played by Brazilian actress Débora Falabella), an anxious young woman desperate to complete her short novel Violeta in the well-known “End of the World” literary laboratory. “Over the course of her time at the remote artist residency, Ana becomes increasingly familiar with Holden’s idiosyncratic methods, which require participating … Read more

Six premieres will take place this Thursday at the Auditorium Complex

“Tarascones”directed by Ciro Zorzoli, the acclaimed comedy features performances by Paola Barrientos, Alejandra Flechner, Eugenia Guerty and Susana Pampín. There will be 4 functions in January. Starring Paola Barrientos, Alejandra Flechner, Eugenia Guerty and Susana Pampín, the praised comedy “Tarascones” goes on stage in the summer of Mar del Plata. The functions will be from … Read more

‘My encounter with evil’, the Mexican Netflix series made with Colombian talent that premieres this October 28

This Friday, October 28, one of the choices to end Halloween and the month of terror is my encounter with evila Netflix docuseries of Mexican stories produced by pure Colombian talent. This documentary series is directed by directors Ramiro García Bogliano, Adrián García Bogliano and Carlos Meléndez. It has four chapters in which it presents … Read more

HBO Max premieres in January (2023): ‘The Last of Us’ plus all the series and movies

There is only one week left until the end of 2022 and HBO Max It has just presented all the novelties of series, films and documentaries that will arrive in its catalog throughout the month of January. Among them, especially The Last of Usthe star series of the first month of the year and one … Read more

In which theaters can you see “Argentina, 1985”, the film nominated for the Oscars | Premieres in 223 theaters

The film Argentina, 1985, who directed Santiago Mitre, this will be released Thursday September 29 in more than 223 small, independent movie theaters across the country. The film will be seen on the big screen three weeks before its release on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video. According to local distributor Digicine, the film starring … Read more

Insomnia premieres with cinema forum “Under suspicion: zokunentu” and “El niño del plomo”

Insomnia Teatro Condell will make two unmissable premieres of Chilean cinema that stress our identity, history and cultural conflicts. On Monday the 21st at 6:30 p.m. the cinema forum of “Under suspicion: zokunentu” will be held, the first documentary feature film narrated in Mapuzugun by director Daniel Díaz that reviews the artistic career of his … Read more

INSOMNIA premieres with Cine foro “Under suspicion: zokunentu” and “El niño del plomo”

“Under suspicion: zokunentu” will premiere on Monday 21 at 6:30 p.m. with the presence of director Daniel Díaz, Esteban Sandoval (producer) and Daniela Catrileo, a prominent Mapuche poetess. Director Daniel Dávila invites us on a poetic journey with two stories that intersect in “El niño del plomo” this Tuesday the 22nd at 6:00 p.m. Insomnia … Read more

Peru: Film about San Martín de Porres premieres

“Apariciones” is the title of the new film by Peruvian independent filmmaker Mario Pozzi-Escot, whose narrative revolves around the figure of San Martín de Porres confronted with a chaotic and decadent Lima, where, in order to survive, each man must become his own god. The film will be released this Saturday, October 8 at 7 … Read more

TCM premieres “Folk Horror: Shadowy Woods and Haunting Days”

Advertising On Monday, October 31, TCM exclusively premieres “Folk Horror: Shadowy Forests and Haunting Days”, a documentary directed by the Canadian writer and producer Kier-La Janisse in which the evolution of the folk-horror from its birth in the late 1960s through the 1970s and its recent resurgence. According to this filmmaker, the folk-horror It is … Read more