Baptist Sforza. The Lady who knew how to govern the unknown by Isabel Russinova at the Teatrosophia

It will debut on Friday 9 December 2022 at 21.00, at the Teatrosophia – via della Vetrina, 7 – on the six hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Duke of Urbino, “Battista Sforza. The Lady who knew how to govern the unknown” by and with Isabel Russinova. Baptist Sforza (Pesaro, 1446 – Gubbio, 1472), … Read more

Bhutan, a fashionable unknown country in Extremadura

The president of the Assembly of Extremadura, Blanca Martin, louis salaya, mayor of Cáceres, and Pink Bulletsdirector of external action of the Extremadura jointthey find each other official trip in Bhutana visit promoted by the Lumbini Garden Foundation as part of the collaboration of Extremaduran institutions with Buddhist institutions in Asia for the construction of … Read more

Unknown to the general public, this French director received an Oscar!

On November 19, the Academy of Oscars hailed the career of Euzhan Palcy. A look back at the exceptional career of this Martinican filmmaker, to whom we owe the film “Rue Cases-Nègres”. A true pioneer in the representation of black communities on screen, director Euzhan Palcy unfortunately remains unknown in mainland France. An injustice repaired … Read more

A place called music, that place known and unknown at the same time

FICM 2022 A place called music, a film by Enrique M. Rizo, premiered at the Morelia International Film Festival. We give you our opinion. By Elijah Leonard Salazar 10/25/2022 – 14:02 UTC 10/25/2022 – 14:02 UTC A place called music, documentary by Enrique M. Rizo (Photo: Pimienta Films) By Elijah Leonard Salazar Every time we … Read more

The unknown, the dark, the truth: the soundtracks of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis find the synthesis in ‘Blonde’ | Rolling Stone Italy

“Nick and Warren are both alike and completely different at the same time. There is a courage in facing the unknown, both in life and in a creative way, the will to put themselves in situations where they are vulnerable and the conviction in the strength of all this ». Words by Andrew Dominik, director … Read more

Brest. Albert Mérour, an unknown Breton surrealist

Who was the Breton Albert Merour ? A major painter of the Brest surrealist scene, he was one of those artists outside the art market who created out of pure passion. His worlds, both fascinating and singular, spread out on the canvases with nervousness, but attention. Unidivers spoke with Ronan Goulardthe son of his second … Read more