Jamie Campbell Bower, the villain of Stranger Things: the bad decision that left him out of Harry Potter and what he learned from Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

>THE NATION>shows>Characters December 9, 202219:08 The last season of stranger things it was one of the biggest television events of 2022. The fiction created by Matt Y ross duffer is a hit that combines adventure and horror with a sensibility that pays homage to the eighties and has garnered millions of fans around the world. … Read more

From Brazil, Tim Bernardes sings to spirituality and everyday life

Singer, songwriter and producer, Tim Bernardes is one of the great new voices of Brazilian music. As vast as he is talented, Bernardes has become one of the most profound artists of his generation: a contemporary musician with deep roots in Rio de Janeiro’s musical heritage, who has also collaborated with artists such as Fleet … Read more

Tim Burton: ‘I love Wednesday Addams because it shares my view of the world’

The mini-series Wednesday, that Netflix broadcasts from November 23, is expected by fans of Tim Burton as well as those of The Addams Familywhich have a lot in common. It features the eldest of Morticia and Gomez Addams. Expelled from a high school “normed” (normal people like you and me), she integrates the academy of … Read more

Tim Roth: “I’m not just being bad”

Reflections, emotions, balances. And the projection into the future, between projects and unknowns. He recently turned 60 Tim Roth, without regrets or desire to pull the oars in the boat. “The idea of ​​totally abandoning oneself and living life as it comes without deadlines and commitments, I believe, fascinates everyone. Sometimes I thought about it … Read more