Everyday miracles in a settlement in Montevideo | The morning

Silvana is a sister of this congregation, a native of the city of Reconquista, in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, who lives with three others in Montevideo, in a settlement in Bella Italia, doing social work together with collaborators and volunteers to support and spiritually support the community of this place. in conversation with … Read more

South Americans in Milan, prayer is everyday life

The testimony of faith of these communities is closely linked to everyday life and is characterized by intense devotion and charitable zeal. Don Alberto Vitali talks about it by Stephanie CECCHETTI An active community, characterized by a very lively spirituality linked to everyday life. We are talking about the Latin American faithful present in the … Read more

Artemide Zatti, saint of everyday life. Archbishop Laxague (Viedma): “Even today people feel him ‘one of them'” | AgenSIR


A saint of everyday life, of the encounter with people and above all with the sick. A saint who has lived through some situations that make him contemporary to the sufferings of today: emigrant, from Italy to Argentina, engaged in the world of health, as a nurse and as the soul of the first hospital … Read more

The Lambchop “Bible” captures spirituality in everyday life


Much and well has already been said about these Lampchop on these pages. And the same can be said of the work of his deus ex machina, Kurt Wagner who has recently been churning out one album a year, none less than discreet, all recognizablely attributable to a pen and a context that are very … Read more