Jujuy, the exploitation of lithium and the custodians of nature

“The injustice that makes the earth and the poor cry is not invincible” (Pope Francis). Almost a year ago, on August 14, 2022, we published in this medium, a note entitled “Lithium exploitation, a matter of State.” When we talk about mining, like forestry or the riches of the sea, we are talking about the … Read more

La Nación / Nature is the theme of the first exhibition

With the exhibition “Vórtices Fantásticos”, by the artist Gustavo Benítez, a new exhibition space dedicated to art was opened on April 14, K Proyecto de Arte y Naturaleza, which opens its space in order to awaken sensitivity and care towards latent life in nature. We look at the exhibition and the project with the words … Read more

OPINION | Do you know that nature can give us divine beauty lessons?

Editor’s note: Mari Rodríguez Ichaso has been a contributor to Vanidades magazine for several decades. She is a specialist in fashion, travel, gastronomy, art, architecture and entertainment, a film producer and a style columnist for CNN en Español. The opinions expressed in this column are solely his own. Read more opinion pieces at cnne.com/opinion (CNN … Read more

The Seven Rila Lakes, where nature and spirituality merge

In North-West Bulgaria, about 90 kilometers south of Sofia, the Rila National Park which with its 81,000 hectares of extension is one of the most evocative places in the whole country. A destination that must absolutely be discovered by all those who love mountain excursions, trekking, walks in the midst of nature but also history, … Read more

Borja Vilaseca: “Spirituality is secular because it is our true nature” | UPR

A Sioux proverb says that religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell, while spirituality is for those who have already been in it. Nobility obliges I must clarify that, in this interview, we talked a lot about it, but what does it mean to be spiritual? For many it seems to … Read more

Birth of Jesus: Christic Revelation of the True Nature of Man

Saturday, December 24, 2022 ((rezonodwes.com))– To say that Jesus, the Incarnate Divine Word, came to show us God, is correct; but this, from the beginning, the Word even not yet incarnate, has assiduously, tirelessly accomplished through the theophanies – these divine manifestations which are the universe and its content constituting Creation -, the interventions of … Read more

At the Grenoble Museum, four artists in osmosis with nature

In art, as in love, stories of fidelity are tied. Director of the Grenoble Museum, Guy Tosatto wanted, on the eve of his retirement, to pay tribute to four artists whom he has accompanied for a long time and who have presented here in monographic exhibitions: the French painter Philippe Cognée and three sculptors, the … Read more

The Pope praises the exemplary nature of Isabel Cristina Mrad Campos

In Barbacena, in the Brazilian Archdiocese of Mariana, Cardinal Raymundo Damasceno Assis beatified Isabel Cristina Mrad Campos, a young woman murdered in 1982 because of her faith, by a man who tried to abuse her. “May his heroic example inspire young people in particular to give generous witness to their faith and their adherence to … Read more

In the footsteps of San Francesco between nature and spirituality

(by Maria Grazia Marilotti) (ANSA) – CAGLIARI, 09 DEC – The country church of the Madonna di Noli Me Tollere in Sorso, in the Sassari area, the basilica of Nostra Signora di Luogosanto, in Gallura, with a view of the hills and the sea, the church and the convent of San Francesco in Oristano. Still … Read more

Near La Gacilly: Christophe Auray dedicates his new book “Sacred and Healing Nature of Brittany”

By Gwenael Merret Published on 9 Dec 22 at 16:36 Information from the Pays de Redon See my news Follow this media Christophe Auray presents his new book “Sacred and Healing Nature of Brittany”. (©The Infos of the Country of Redon / Gwenaël Merret) “I did my veterinary thesis on the traditional care by plants, … Read more