The Hu: “We must love our mother nature the same way we love our real mothers”

On the occasion of the recent concert of TheHu in Paris, as well as his Obtaining the title of “artist for peace” from UNESCOthe group of folk-metal mongol gave a short interview to Tetralens for MetalZone. The band released their second album, Rumble Of Thunder, on September 2 this year through Better Noise Music, along … Read more

Le motif le plus poignant de Steven Spielberg est la nature de la croissance

Certains cinéastes font connaître leurs voix artistiques distinctives à travers des thèmes et des motifs narratifs qui se démarquent même parmi les œuvres les plus prolifiques. Aucune exception à cette tendance n’est le cinéaste le plus reconnaissable au monde, Steven Spielberg. Avec une carrière s’étendant sur près d’un demi-siècle, composée de 33 films, il y … Read more

‘Autumn leaves’: a hymn to Nature with a capital letter


Miguel de Santiago has written a book of poems in the “Prayer Manuals” collection of the PPC publishing house, which is itself a religious publishing house. This being the case, everything gives signs that it is a book on spirituality and, without ceasing to be one, it is not exactly one either. In the first … Read more

Robert Jacquot : « Tout miser sur le cerveau est une faute, une méconnaissance de la nature humaine »


Par Marc Alpozzo, philosophe et essayiste Nous vivons une époque de transition, entamant à la fois un nouveau siècle mais aussi un nouveau millénaire, les bouleversements nombreux, commencent déjà à se faire ressentir, et beaucoup se plaignent du chaos qui règne. De nombreux dangers nous attendent, des défis immenses, le défi climatique, la guerre à … Read more

Nestled in the heart of nature, these architectural cabins are fascinating


The cabin is reinvented with these constructions in the heart of nature and with an ultra-contemporary design. Zoom. Whether at the edge of a lake, in a snowy mountain, in the middle of the wilderness, architects have wanted to challenge themselves by building unusual cabins in new and natural places. We call “cabins” small houses … Read more

Anthropologist guide Philip Glass’s journey into the powers of nature


Philip Glass is a man who has traveled a lot, describes the anthropologist Víctor Sánchez. “I already knew him as an extremely complete man, developed, at peace. He had a great career and a very clear spiritual sense.” In 2005 he premiered his symphony number 7 toltec, in concert with the National Symphony Orchestra, in … Read more

René Boiero: “Understanding that nature is the other is the essence that will save us”


René Boiero, speaker, lecturer and therapist of the soul offered a few words at the IV International Congress on Sustainability organized by Change16. He focused on spirituality, abundance, nature, and sustainability. In Latin America, Boiero is widely known for having consulted with the main presidents of the region. Away from political pragmatism, he provides leaders … Read more

Between the Arcachon basin and the Landes forest, Flo Delavega releases his first book in accordance with his deep nature


This fall 2022 marks the return of Flo Delavega but with a different hat. The ex-singer of the group Fréro Delavega, dissolved in 2017, has just been released On the way to dreams, a first book of intimate reflections on the world and nature. Six years after the separation of the group, he is definitely … Read more

This autumn let’s stop and observe nature: what lesson can a leaf give us?


We are in a suspended and precarious time, in which the previous securities are in the balance. First the pandemicthen the war and now the consequent economic crisis has destabilized the social, political and cultural assets that we believed had been consolidated for decades. Also many of the rights won in the past centuries are … Read more