Prophetic and Formative Dimension: Integral, overcoming clericalism, from the option for the poor

A prophetic and formative dimension that can be considered one of the bases for the transmission of the faith, following the ecclesial Tradition and the guidelines of the Magisterium. From multiculturalism, it seeks to deepen incarnated spiritual formation, in the culture of care, starting from Baptism and focused on the option of the poor It … Read more

Witchtok, the option that social networks like TikTok provide for witchcraft

“Witch”. What comes to mind when you read that word? To many, perhaps, the classic image of an old woman with a hooked and warty nose and a peaked hat flying on a broom. To others, some empowered woman and singled out for it. To others, a gypsy with a crystal ball and tarot cards. … Read more