Prophetic and Formative Dimension: Integral, overcoming clericalism, from the option for the poor

A prophetic and formative dimension that can be considered one of the bases for the transmission of the faith, following the ecclesial Tradition and the guidelines of the Magisterium. From multiculturalism, it seeks to deepen incarnated spiritual formation, in the culture of care, starting from Baptism and focused on the option of the poor It … Read more

Jeff Bridges returns in ‘The Old Man’ after overcoming cancer

Two years ago, Jeff Bridges He announced that he had lymphoma. She needed chemotherapy and to get away from the screens. She didn’t know if she could come back. When she was receiving her chemotherapy treatments, she contracted covid. “It made cancer seem like a piece of cake,” she said in a later interview about … Read more

Carnación by Rocío Molina: overcoming the limits of dance

His is a body in constant transformation, capable of a physical and visual metamorphosis that opens up to a visionary, bizarre, carnal imagery that intertwines art and life, sacred and profane, tradition and modernity. Just awarded the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale Danza 2022, Rocío Molina, bailaora and Spanish choreographer, she is an iconoclastic … Read more