In the Eure, lithotherapy or how stones help you feel better

By Alph.B. Seny Published on 5 Sep 22 at 15:38 The Norman awakening See my news Follow this media Maud Notebook ©Alph.B.Seny In Verneuil (Eure), Maud Notebook swims in his world of stones like a fish in water. If you didn’t know, lithotherapy is alternative and therapeutic medicine which uses the energy of stones and … Read more

Eure. Radepont: a book and spirituality fair at the abbey of Fontaine

By Aurelie Hebert Published on 9 Apr 22 at 11:46 The Impartial See my news Follow this media For the launch of its new season, the Abbey of Fontaine-Guérard, located in Radepont (Eure), is offering a Book and Spirituality Fair on Sunday April 10, 2022. (©Impartial) L’Abbey of Notre-Dame de Fontaine-Guérardsituated at Radepont (Eure), awakens … Read more