In the Eure, lithotherapy or how stones help you feel better

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In Verneuil (Eure), Maud Notebook swims in his world of stones like a fish in water. If you didn’t know, lithotherapy is alternative and therapeutic medicine which uses the energy of stones and minerals to maintain balance and harmony body-soul-spirit.

The search for personal well-being

The positive energy released by the crystals acts directly on health, well-being and the joy of living. It induces deep relaxation, calming the mind and promoting a sense of balance, peace and harmony in everyday life.

An ancestral power

The therapeutic use of gems is not recent. Since the dawn of time, human beings have been able to use their powers to relieve innumerable discomforts or to develop and strengthen their contacts with the invisible forces of the cosmos.

Shamans and other “medicine men” have worked extensively with minerals. For all the populations close to the earth or preserving the notion of the unity of man with the cosmos, stones, crystals, talismans were and are commonplace.

Stones in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia

The Shennong bencao jing is a treatise of 365 Chinese pharmacopoeia drugs or medicines from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. It is the oldest treaty of Chinese medicine. He classified the stones by grade: preventive, restorative and curative in small doses, because toxic.

The old texts already described very well the properties of the stones and their medicinal virtues. They used the stones in the form of an elixir or tincture, as candies to suck on as well as in a wide variety of pastes, powders and solutions for topical and local applications.

Maud Carnet, Granddaughter of a Druid

More than a hundred references are available in Maud Carnet’s corner at Chemins d’Orient.

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Granddaughter of one of the last druids, she has pebbles flowing in her blood. “I had been collecting stones since my childhood, and then one day someone opened up to me about the virtues of stones and their soothing properties! And since 2018, its stock has been steadily increasing.

Pink quartz, fluorite, lapis lazuli, hematite, jade, amethyst, turquoise, kyanite… hold no secrets for her.

Always listening

She does not claim to be a doctor, but denies selling dreams. She listens “I help with words and I find the right stone”. The stone is just a support, a tool in addition to the care that is the responsibility of the medical community. “I am constantly learning, I also buy stones that I do not know” is his driving force to continue to develop his small business.

Good feedback, but she’s still suspicious

Maud Carnet does not advertise, it’s word of mouth that works, “the feedback is good, friends, strangers, a lot of people from the medical community, therapists, in short everyone who is interested in wellness and spirituality. »

We often come back to congratulate her, for having regained sleep, for a rediscovered serenity, we even ask her to make collars for overexcited animals! But Maud keeps her feet on the ground, “I am neither a shaman nor a guru. Even in well-being, there is a dark side that “perches” you a little too high” in reference to a new wave of shamans who, after a week of training via the internet, claim to be practitioners.

Transmit your knowledge

Today, she plans to set up workshops, because the demand is there. Let everyone appropriate the stone or stones that suit them and learn to make their own bracelets. Maud Carnet, a woman who lives in generosity and not in venality.

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In the Eure, lithotherapy or how stones help you feel better