Casalecchio, 12 memorial stones in the woods and on the summit to commemorate the Salvemini massacre

One of the twelve memorial stones positioned along a path in the Bolognese Apennines Twelve stones to stop and rest, 12 stones to recompose a class visible from the sky. 12 stones to remember, 12 boys from the Salvemini Institute killed by a military plane on December 6, 1990. These are the words engraved on … Read more

From Palo Santo to energy stones: what they are for and how objects from esoteric stores are used

Recently, words like Lignum vitae either energy stone began to sneak into the daily dialogue, and elephant figures or of Buddha they began to be seen more frequently in the entrances of the houses. All these objects have a particular meaning and use that it is important to know in order to take advantage of … Read more

Memorial Return of the stones: a tribute to Jews without a grave

Prague has since yesterday a new memorial monument for the Jewish community which, in Bohemia and Moravia, numbered around 90,000 people before 1939. Indeed, the memorial Návrat kamenů (Return of the stones) was inaugurated on September 7 at the Jewish cemetery in Žižkov , in the third district of Prague. The work of artists Lucie … Read more

In the Eure, lithotherapy or how stones help you feel better

By Alph.B. Seny Published on 5 Sep 22 at 15:38 The Norman awakening See my news Follow this media Maud Notebook ©Alph.B.Seny In Verneuil (Eure), Maud Notebook swims in his world of stones like a fish in water. If you didn’t know, lithotherapy is alternative and therapeutic medicine which uses the energy of stones and … Read more

Jacquie Aiche, the power of stones


The Californian jewelry designer imagines collections imbued with spirituality. Native American turquoises, hammered gold, amulets and gems, her creations are at the crossroads of ancient culture and lithotherapy. Body chains, pendants or rings in semi-precious gemstones, Jacquie Aiche’s creations have established themselves in the world of jewelery for five years. Rich in a dual cultural … Read more

The Rolling Stones pay tribute to the Beatles in Liverpool

The Grammy Awards announced several new awards, including Songwriter of the Year. For the first time in its six-decade history, the Grammy Awards are adding an award to specifically honor the music industry’s most prolific songwriters. As part of a series of rule updates and changes announced Thursday morning by the Recording Academy, the new … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Spirit Stones, Their Meaning and Properties

In the first moment, the spiritual stones may seem like the latest fashion in the world of well-being and astrology to spread love and good vibes. But after gaining an army of loyal fans, including Miranda Kerr, Adele, Katy Perry and the Gigi and Bella Hadidthese crystals have become a big business backed by many … Read more