Somme: the Bishop of Amiens meets the inhabitants of the Santerre sector

Mgr Gérard Le Stang, Bishop of Amiens, began this Thursday, January 12, in Roye, a four-day pastoral visit to the Santerre sector. On this occasion, he will meet residents and faithful of three parishes, until Sunday January 15th. He will visit the parishes of Roye, Fressenneville, Chaulnes and Rosières-en-Santerre in total. ” It is an … Read more

Corrected baccalaureate philosophy – technological sector: extract from the “Encyclopédie”, by Denis Diderot

Suggested correction: These are possible avenues for dealing with the subject and not the standard copy expected by the proofreaders! Text provided “If I could assure myself that a witness saw well, and that he wanted to tell me the truth, his testimony for me would become infallible: it is only in proportion to the … Read more

Inauguration of Casa SPAL, the new boarding school of the Youth Sector

The inauguration ceremony was also attended by the mayor of Ferrara Alan Fabbri and the Vicar General of the Diocese of Ferrara Mons.Massimo Manservigi, accompanied by the white-blue president Joe Tacopina, by the general director Andrea Gazzoli, by the technical director Fabio Lupo and by the head of the youth sector. Andrea Catellani, who did … Read more

‘The Round Corner’, the exhibition that tells the story of the Bronx sector in the center of Bogotá

The Bronx Creative District and the National Museum of Colombia present the exhibition ‘La Esquina Redonda: memory, creation and care in the Bronx Creative District’, which was inaugurated this Wednesday, June 22, at 5:00 pm and will be open to the public until August 22 of this year. The sample is made up of 150 … Read more