Somme: the Bishop of Amiens meets the inhabitants of the Santerre sector

Mgr Gérard Le Stang, Bishop of Amiens, began this Thursday, January 12, in Roye, a four-day pastoral visit to the Santerre sector. On this occasion, he will meet residents and faithful of three parishes, until Sunday January 15th. He will visit the parishes of Roye, Fressenneville, Chaulnes and Rosières-en-Santerre in total.

It is an opportunity for the bishop to discover his diocese both spiritually and economically, politically, culturally and socially. These visits allow him to meet each player in the sector “, indicates the bishopric.

Bishop Gérard Le Stang explains the meaning of his travels on the territory of the diocese: “ In the days following my ordination as Bishop of Amiens, I planned the pastoral visitation of the 14 apostolic sectors of the diocese over the next two years.

Pastoral visits are part of the bishop’s mission.
On the one hand, he discovers the territory of his diocese and the life of its inhabitants, notably by meeting the local elected officials. There, on the other hand, he meets the Christian communities and the various facets of Christian life in his diocese, with their strengths and their weaknesses, their worries and their opportunities, their joys and their hopes. It is an opportunity to dialogue with as many people as possible, to encourage and to seek together new paths for the Gospel.

The theme of these visits is: Confidence, Get up! He is calling you ! (Bishop’s motto) also in connection with my pastoral letter you are the land that God cultivates. What is our experience of Christ and how do we announce it in our pastoral sector? This visit lasts about four days, and ends with a single mass in the pastoral sector. The bishop reviews it with the priests and the coordinators of the pastoral leadership teams of these sectors..

Pastoral visits are thus times of meeting, encouragement and joy, looking to the future. This first two-year circuit will continue in the future. »



9amMass in the church of Roye;

10amSacrament of the Sick – Salle St Florent in Roye;

11amMeal and meeting with teachers at Sainte-Jeanne-d’Arc school;

2 p.m.visit to the “Dossin” – Roye logistics site;

3 p.m.visit to the temporary employment agency Addeco Humando;

6:30 p.m.meeting with elected officials – Salle Saint-Didier – Chaulnes;

8 p.m.meeting of the ECP of Roye.


9amvisit to the Deraeve – Bayonvillers farm;

9:45 a.m.meeting with the agricultural world – Salle des fêtes;

11:15 a.m.mass in Bayonvilliers;

12 p.m.meeting with the students of the Sainte-Famille school;

2 p.m.Red Cross charity action – Chaulnes;

3 p.m.disabled adults living center – Harbonnières;

7 p.m.meeting of the ECP of Rosières;

*ECP: pastoral leadership team.


9ammass in the church of Chaulnes;

10ammeeting with the catechumens – Chaulnes;

11ammeeting with members of praying groups (mothers, worshippers, etc.);

12 p.m.meal and meeting with the ECP of Chaulnes;

2 p.m.meeting with pastoral actors (preparation teams) – Chaulnes;

5:00 p.m.visit to the Lihons music school;

7 p.m.Flam praise – Vrely.


9amfamily catechesis – Rosières;

11 a.m.sector mass – Rosières;

1 p.m.shared meal in Rosières;

4 p.m.vespers to close the pastoral visit.

Somme: the Bishop of Amiens meets the inhabitants of the Santerre sector