‘The Round Corner’, the exhibition that tells the story of the Bronx sector in the center of Bogotá

The Bronx Creative District and the National Museum of Colombia present the exhibition ‘La Esquina Redonda: memory, creation and care in the Bronx Creative District’, which was inaugurated this Wednesday, June 22, at 5:00 pm and will be open to the public until August 22 of this year.

The sample is made up of 150 objects rescued in the place known as the “Bronx” after the 2016 intervention, and by pieces produced by the residents of the center of Bogotá, cultural managers, researchers and students in the Collaboratory of Creation and Memory, a space for the recovery of local history, which works in the only building that remains standing and that will be preserved .

”The exhibition La Esquina Redonda: memory, creation and care in the Bronx Creative District is a museographic and research work that was carried out together with the National Museum, that allows visitors to take a temporary tour of the territory, preserve memory and learn through the stories of its protagonists, the transformations that this place has undergone,” said Margarita Díaz Casas, director of the Bronx Creative District – FUGA.

The exhibition allows visitors to learn about real history through its protagonists and take a trip back in time through modelsphotos, videos, drawings, letters, toys, posters and flyers that give an account of what life was like on this site, beyond what has been told.

“This exhibition invites us to dream of the future of this space in a place in the city for creation, coexistence and art; this exhibition seeks to contribute to the consolidation of the social fabric in the sectorr of The Martyrs through memory”comments Juliana Restrepo, Director of the National Museum of Colombia.

The exhibition begins with the origins of the great “pots” of the late twentieth century, such as El Cartucho and the old street in the Bronx, called “La L” by its inhabitants. It reconstructs life in this space, tells the story of emblematic places and shows us the jargon of its inhabitants. Through thematic blocks such as Childhood, Spirituality, Health and Sexuality, Families, Norms and Drugs, the daily life that took place is reconstructed in detail inside the Bronx.

Music and traditional crafts

The music and especially the Hip hop they had an essential setting in the Bronx due to the lyrics’ affinity with their everyday life. The imprint that this genre left on the territory is reflected in the exhibition through recordings, photographs, videos, posters and flyers.

On the other hand, the long tradition of trades and knowledge such as garment makers, basket makers, artisans and ironmongers also have their space in this exhibition.

Memoirs of the Martyrs

In this section, a journey is made through the memory of street artists, artisans, junk makers and ironmongers, whose traditional trades make up the living heritage of the town.

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‘The Round Corner’, the exhibition that tells the story of the Bronx sector in the center of Bogotá