From Queen Elizabeth to Piero Angela: the farewells of 2022

On the sad farewell page, 2022 wrote excellent names from culture, politics, music and entertainment. Even sports. From Pope Benedict XVI at the Queen Elizabethwho died at the age of 96 last September 8, passing through the great Peter Angela and for the former president of the European Parliament David Sassoli, there have been many … Read more

Piero della Francesca’s ‘Nativity’ returns to the National Gallery

Follow Tag24 also on social networks After months of restoration, the “Nativity”, by Piero della Francesca, dating back several centuries, is back on display at the National Gallery in London. Fifteen months of meticulous conservative treatment were needed to restore the original beauty to the work. The “Nativity” by Piero della Francesca is back on … Read more

“The work of the reader” by Piero Dorfles: reasons against and in favor of reading

Italians read more in the summer, even if mostly yellow. I see them around me, among the umbrellas or under a canopy, in front of an alpine landscape, concentrated and bent over an open book. It is a great sight, no doubt about it. But for this very reason I began to wonder if reading … Read more

Piero Angela, 93 years old, master of scientific popularization, died

Piero Angela, 93 years old, master of scientific popularization, died Piero Angela died at the age of 93. The dean of television presenters, master of scientific dissemination on TV, died in Rome. The news was confirmed by his son, Alberto Angela, on the social profiles: “Have a good trip dad”, wrote Alberto, himself TV host. … Read more

The disappearance of Piero Vassallo. Cultural traditionalism in the metaphysical revolution between the crisis of modernity and phenomenology

A leading figure in the culture of tradition has disappeared. A reference that has always linked utopia to philosophy with philosophical elegance and this to a theology between eschatology, Orthodoxy and Catholicism. Piero Vassallo. He was born in Genoa in 1933.In one of his latest books, which I had the honor of presenting at the … Read more