Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity, in the warmth of Bethany

Dwell in the secret of your Face. Elizabeth of the Trinity by Roberto Fornara Translated from Italian by Pauline de Cointet-de Vanssay, revision by Monique Orfeuil ndv Ed. du Carmel, 192 p., €22 November 8 is the feast day of Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity, whose luminous spirituality, a marvel of balance, is to be … Read more

Benedict XVI, Queen Elizabeth II and their fight against secularism


Queen Elizabeth II of England has died at the age of 96, just over a year after Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, with whom she had a cordial relationship… The memory of the last Pope who visited the United Kingdom and the meeting of the Anglican queen who set out to protect the free practice of … Read more

Goodbye to Elizabeth II, the moments of the queen that marked an era


Queen Elizabeth II of England died, but she was ‘the rock’ on which the modern United Kingdom was built. Humanity remembers her as one of the characters she has written and has shaped many of the most relevant chapters in history. The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II will be taken to the Scottish cathedral of … Read more

Elizabeth II, la dernière reine chrétienne (1926


« Maintiendrez-vous, autant que le permettra votre pouvoir, les lois de Dieu et la vraie profession de l’Évangile et la religion réformée protestante, établie par la loi au Royaume-Uni ? Maintiendrez-vous et protégerez-vous de façon inviolable l’assise de l’Église d’Angleterre, sa doctrine, son culte, sa discipline et son gouvernement, tels qu’établis par la loi en Angleterre ? » … Read more

Carlos is the new king after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II


He accedes to the throne after more than half a century as heir, a long wait that he has dedicated to philanthropy, spirituality and his commitment to the environment Charles of England, the new British king after the death today of his mother, Elizabeth IIaccedes to the throne after more than half a century as … Read more