The Strange Story of the Woodcutter: 3 reasons to discover this little surreal nugget

The Strange Story of the Woodcutter is in theaters since January 4, and it is a very beautiful curiosity to discover. The proof in three points. Occasional readers, who browse Ecran Large for its pop culture side, will perhaps be surprised to see the editorial staff supporting a UFO such as The Strange Story of … Read more

4 reasons why ‘Avatar 2’ could become the biggest flop of the year

James Cameron has done it again, the premiere of ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ has occupied the billboard and achieved unattainable figures at the box office, but could it become the biggest flop of the year? Reviewed the 5 Reasons Why ‘Avatar 2’ Could Become The Highest Grossing Movie In Cinema Historywe turn the tortilla. … Read more

The reasons why Jake Sully is not a typical character

In 2009, Avatar dazzled the public with its formidable visual section. But it was also the center of considerable discussion regarding its characters. Especially Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), who was considered the umpteenth incarnation of the so-called “white savior”. The figure, usual in adventure movies, usually shows a man from a foreign culture who ends … Read more

Five reasons for devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexicans

MEXICO CITY – For centuries, when December arrives, there has been a feeling that unites Mexicans in the country and abroad, which includes those who profess different faiths or even those who recognize themselves as non-believers: love for the Virgin of Guadalupe . Known as the “Patroness of America”, the faith inspired by the “Morenita … Read more

The 10 reasons why Therese of Lisieux, in her twenties, was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church

The anecdote of Saint Pius X’s meeting with a missionary bishop who had given him a portrait of Saint Therese of Lisieux is well known. The Pope had told him:This is the greatest saint of modern times.”. The knowledge that Pope Sarto had of Teresa came from afar and that is why he did not … Read more

Deepen the reasons for the faith. The diocesan school of theological formation restarts

Details from Piero Quarta Category: cover Created: 23 October 2022 Again this year, the Diocesan school of theological formation. The inauguration of the formative year will take place on Thursday 10 November at 5 pm at Mediterranean center of pastoral care and culture “St. John Paul II” to Lecce (former new seminar). Recipients are all … Read more

These are the reasons of John Paul II to add the luminous mysteries to the Rosary

On a day like today, 20 years ago Pope Saint John Paul II published the apostolic letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae, by which he incorporated five new mysteries, the luminous ones, to the traditional 15 meditated on in the Rosary. The luminous mysteries refer to the public life of Jesus and are: the Baptism of the … Read more

TPMP: Cyril Hanouna absent from the show for religious reasons!

Since Friday, Cyril Hanouna has been absent on C8 for religious reasons! The TPMP host takes the opportunity to find his loved ones! Cyril Hanouna is used to being very present on C8. But in recent days, the TPMP host has been increasingly absent for religious reasons! MCE TV tells you everything from A to … Read more

“The work of the reader” by Piero Dorfles: reasons against and in favor of reading

Italians read more in the summer, even if mostly yellow. I see them around me, among the umbrellas or under a canopy, in front of an alpine landscape, concentrated and bent over an open book. It is a great sight, no doubt about it. But for this very reason I began to wonder if reading … Read more

Moon Knight: 5 reasons to see the Marvel TV series

Five elements that can push both fans of La Casa delle Idee and occasional viewers to recover this new TV show with Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke. Moon Knight is the new series Marvel Studios leading for the first time, inside the Marvel Cinematic Universeone of the most absurd and problematic characters of the de … Read more