20 things you don’t know about SZA, the new rnb queen

1. SZA takes his nickname from the Supreme Alphabet. The Supreme Alphabet is this alphabet theorized by the 5%/Nation of Gods and Earths (this half-sect, half-gang organization very popular in New York rap advocating a form of Islamic spirituality tinged with Afrocentrism) where each letter refers to a word. SZA thus means to “sovereign” (“sovereign”), … Read more

From Queen Elizabeth to Piero Angela: the farewells of 2022

On the sad farewell page, 2022 wrote excellent names from culture, politics, music and entertainment. Even sports. From Pope Benedict XVI at the Queen Elizabethwho died at the age of 96 last September 8, passing through the great Peter Angela and for the former president of the European Parliament David Sassoli, there have been many … Read more

Mariah Carey, from queen of Christmas to queen of music

The month of December has come and who says end of the year, also says Christmas. This means that you probably already have ears that bleed from hearing All I Want for Christmas is You of Mariah Carey. Planetary tube, qualified by the magazine RollingStone as “one of the biggest party standards”the song has become … Read more

This is how Oprah Winfrey has changed, from surviving sexual abuse to absolute queen of television

During the last four decades, the name of Oprah Winfrey has been a constant in the media, not only in the United States, but also internationally. Many consider that Oprah was destined to be someone great since she dedicated herself to reciting verses from the Bible in her native Kosciusko (Mississippi, USA); but her reality … Read more

Route through the most famous tombs in churches in Jerez: from a poisoned queen to a dictator

Cities have in their history a key aspect to understand their present, a past that enriches the local culture and fills it with a monumental heritage that today constitutes a value of the first order in tourism, in addition to printing a special character to these localities. This history reveals that centuries ago these cities … Read more

Maria Sofia, a (forgotten) heroine: Sissi’s sister, she was the last queen of the Two Sicilies

Younger sister of the empress, with her courage she bewitched d’Annunzio and Proust. And she too was the victim of one of the first photomontages in history “Tall, slender, with beautiful dark blue eyes and magnificent brown hair; Maria Sofia had a noble bearing and at the same time very graceful manners”, wrote Amedeo Tosti … Read more

Benedict XVI, Queen Elizabeth II and their fight against secularism

Queen Elizabeth II of England has died at the age of 96, just over a year after Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, with whom she had a cordial relationship… The memory of the last Pope who visited the United Kingdom and the meeting of the Anglican queen who set out to protect the free practice of … Read more

Goodbye to Elizabeth II, the moments of the queen that marked an era

Queen Elizabeth II of England died, but she was ‘the rock’ on which the modern United Kingdom was built. Humanity remembers her as one of the characters she has written and has shaped many of the most relevant chapters in history. The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II will be taken to the Scottish cathedral of … Read more