The General Secretary of the Sisters Hospitallers explains the renewal of the Congregation: new challenges in favor of people with mental illness

The Congregation of Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who annually attends more than 820 thousand people with mental illnessdisability and dementia throughout the world, has received the approval of the new text of its Constitutions by the Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. The modifications seek to … Read more

Guillaume Canet, bloodthirsty and nervous, “too” far with Marion Cotillard, he explains

Even if Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard are supposed to go through a serious crisis, which would undermine their couple, their relatives would be convinced of a flashback. The actor-director of 49 years, who would have taken the initiative of their breakup as claimed by the magazine Public, would not be distraught more than that. … Read more

“Elite psychology”: the Pope explains the origin of pedophilia in the Church

“Neither an individual nor an enlightened group can ever claim to be the totality of God’s people” One of the main causes of the spread of scandals And pedophilia in the Church is linked to the so-called “elite psychology “: he said it Pope francesco in a letter to the Chilean bishops, after the scandal … Read more

Marco Tibaldi: The theologian who explains the Bible with puppets

He teaches systematic theology at the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences in Bologna, of which he is also director. On his curriculum there are many academic publications, but “all this,” he explains, “is just my Apollonian side.” Because Marco Tibaldi, 60, from Bologna, also engaged part time as a professor of Philosophy in a high … Read more

A reflective and spiritual Jhenny Serrano explains the value of humor in health

“We need to understand that we are not only flesh, but that we are spirit, we are energy; as we are energy, we vibrate, and as we vibrate, we attract things”, he told La Razón. From the moment she entered the studio of Piedra, Papel y Tinta de La Razón, the good vibes of the … Read more