The Mallorcan priest and poet Miquel Costa Llobera, and the Marianist López de Uralde, towards the altars

Miquel Costa Llobera Y Vincent Lopez de Uralde They are two priests who left their mark in Spain; the first, in the world of culture and poetry in Catalan. Gardens and schools bear his name in Catalonia and Mallorca, and his poetic work continues to be highly valued. The second, with his educational work and … Read more

Walking on two legs, a 7 million year old adventure

His name is Sahelanthropus tchadensis, but the public discovered him in 2001 under the name of “the man from Toumaï”. This distant ancestor lived 7 million years ago, and “He is the oldest representative of humanity to date”, says Franck Guy, from the paleontology laboratory of the University of Poitiers. From him have come down … Read more

La Mama Negra, a rite that returns after the pandemic

La Mama Negra is the representation of an African character who pays homage to the Virgin of La Merced. Photo: EFE The tradition of the Mama Negra has been commemorated for decades in LatacungaCotopaxi province. On this occasion it was celebrated with merriment, after two years of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. This unique … Read more

Ghada Amer au Mucem, au Frac et à la Vieille Charité : incontournable rétrospéctive à Marseille

Jusqu’au 16 avril 2023, Marseille accueille Ghada Amer pour sa première rétrospective en France. Figure majeure des enjeux post-coloniaux et féministes dans la création contemporaine, cette artiste franco-américano-égyptienne n’a pratiquement pas été présente sur la scène artistique française entre 2000 et son exposition au Centre de Création contemporaine Olivier Debré à Tours en 2018. À l’initiative … Read more

The message of peace from the great religious leaders gathered in Astana

Kazakhstan, which is ethnically diverse and has 18 religions, has opened its doors to global interfaith dialogue. In September 2022, its capital Astana hosted the VII Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions. Delegations from more than 50 countries called for world peace. “The efforts of world leaders and international organizations are not enough … Read more

Old Presbytery Exhibition Center | New exhibitions from January 22

January 16, 2023 Old Presbytery Exhibition Center | New exhibitions from January 22 Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, January 12, 2023 – The City of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville invites its citizens to the Vieux Presbytère exhibition center, from January 22 to March 5, 2023, to discover the works of Chloé Beaulac and Myriam Tousignant. The opening of the exhibitions, open to … Read more


Haiti – Religion : Position of the Catholic Bishops of Haiti on the current situation12/18/2022 07:56:56 The Conference of Catholic Bishops of Haiti (CEH), gathered in Plenary Assembly at the approach of Christmas, in the face of the current situation calls, among other things, for an end to the murderous madness, hatred and contempt for … Read more