Jeff Bridges, or beat cancer at 73 and debut on TV starring in an excellent espionage thriller

“How I feel? I feel amazing,” exclaims Jeffrey Leon Bridges, actor of actors, faces of faces, voice of voices. He affirms it when asked how he experiences his return to the screens, in his first leading role in the era of prestigious series, after beating the pulse of death. Today it sounds conventional for a … Read more

Una historia de amor que supera cualquier ficción literaria

28 de septiembre 2022 Murcia y Polonia son los escenarios en los que transcurre ‘El Escultor de almas’, la primera novela testimonial de Cynthia García Egea. «Cynthia no sabía, ni siquiera soñaba, que su vida podría cambiar de repente, que sin pensarlo se enamoraría hasta tal extremo que dejaría atrás todo para escaparse con ese … Read more

“The power of the loincloth”, the power of women, in Mali and in the world


“Tafe Fanga? The power of the loincloth? recounts with a smile of wisdom the struggle of women for their rights. ” We are like you, join us to lead the fight ! » This maddened and Malian piece, written by Jeanne Diama and directed by Assitan Tangara, was a triumph at the Francophonies in Limoges, … Read more

International Podcast Day: Top YouTube Facts and Local Creators


On September 30 is celebrated the international podcast day, with the aim that more and more people connect with this content in audio format. In fact, YouTube presents itself as a platform to discover and enjoy podcasts: from 2021, its search interest in Argentina grew exponentially on the platform. That’s why today Youtube shares the … Read more

The Marquis of Santillana, the promoter of science and arts kneeling before the Virgin Mary


A cultural event of the first magnitude visits Madrid: the joint exhibition of the Prado Museum and the National Library entitled ‘The Marquis of Santillana. Images and Letters‘ which can be visited from October 4 to January 8. Not a long time ago was announced on RTVE without a hint of any mention of the … Read more

‘Avatar’ returns to the cinema between nostalgia and expectation


In one of the central scenes of Avatarby James Cameron, Jack Sully (Sam Worthington) looks at the world around him in wonder. She travels in a spaceship around the floating mountains of the fictional world of Pandora and the scenery couldn’t be more amazing. “You should see your face,” says pilot Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez), … Read more

“The voices told me what to do”: how ‘Avatar’ went from being a movie to almost a religion


Something clicked inside TOVI, 28, when he saw Avatar (2009). “I grew up with autism and other issues and have always had a hard time connecting with others. I found refuge in stories, in art, in puzzles. The idea of ​​escaping to a new world where I wasn’t me, where it didn’t take me every … Read more