No, the tendency to “reconnect with your sacred feminine” is not feminist

“Reconnecting to your feminine energy”, “taking back the power of your biological sex”… Online or in books, you can find more and more invitations of this kind. Behind these seemingly liberating speeches sometimes hide dangers for oneself and the advance of feminist and LGBTI+ struggles. Spiritual content mentioning the existence of a superior feminine energy, … Read more

The Spirituality Forum will reconnect with ‘the joy of being’ in its eleventh edition

The appointment will take place on January 28 and 29, 2023 in Riojaforum and registration will be open from tomorrow, November 17 LOGROÑO, Nov. 16 (EUROPA PRESS) – Reconnecting with joy, paying more attention to what we do and honoring the present moment to flow are some of the fundamental axes with which the XI … Read more

This hotel in Holbox is the best place to reconnect with positive energies

The magnificent Mexican island Holbox transmits a natural, calm essence and enjoyment of life from the first moment. Now the boutique hotel Being Casasandrabecomes the ideal place to reconnect with your spirituality thanks to its holistic center Ahal and its new Be Retreat program. CASA TO, A BOUTIQUE HOTEL THAT BALANCES NATURE AND ARCHITECTURE It … Read more