The Spirituality Forum will reconnect with ‘the joy of being’ in its eleventh edition

The appointment will take place on January 28 and 29, 2023 in Riojaforum and registration will be open from tomorrow, November 17


Reconnecting with joy, paying more attention to what we do and honoring the present moment to flow are some of the fundamental axes with which the XI Spirituality Forum (organized by the UPL) will once again gain strength next January 2023. in Riojaforum (Logroño).

An appointment with joy and with ourselves to direct our attention “in the now” and in order to “try to pay more attention to what we do and what the moment presents us instead of the results you hope to obtain” .

This implies, as they affirm from the organization, “accepting what is, because you cannot give your attention to something and at the same time resist it”.

Under these premises, the eleventh edition of this Forum will be held on January 28 and 29, 2023 with the motto ‘The joy of being’. Registration will begin tomorrow, Thursday November 17, both online at or in person at the headquarters on Calle Mayor, 46 in Logroño.


The director of the UPL, Maite Martínez Lafraya, has encouraged everyone to participate in this event that is already “a tradition” in the city of Logroño. An appointment-she has said-“to meet as before” because this edition recovers normality after the pandemic. “Last year the event was mixed but this time we will feel close again.”

As he has recognized, this event brings together almost a thousand people every year in Riojaforum, something that “is very difficult” but “when things are done well, they are noticeable.”

For her part, the meditation teacher and coordinator of the Forum, Ana María de las Heras, has recognized that the title is important because “we return to and connect with that background, joy”. The Forum will begin on Saturday, January 28, at 10:00 am with its opening by José Luis Sanz, president of the UPL, and Maite Martínez, director of the UPL.


After a dance of blessing and meditation, different presentations will be given, such as that of the philosopher, theologian and doctor in comparative religions, Miguel Ibáñez, who will speak ‘From being to being being’. In addition, the psychotherapist, sociologist and also theologian, Enrique Martínez Lozano, will speak about ‘Caring for joy, from difficulties to understanding’. The morning will end with the poetic appetizer by Evelyn Pérez, María Goñi and Laura Calatrava ‘Food for the Soul.

After a break for lunch, the afternoon, after a meditation, will include a presentation by the humanist psychologist and Gestalt therapist, Joan Garriga, on ‘Saying yes to life. Love, order and joy in our relationships and, later, the engineer, Koldo Saratxaga, will offer the presentation ‘Spirituality in everyday life’. Saturday’s event will end with a musical space by Maia Catalán.

For its part, on Sunday, after the meditation, the presentation ‘The fullness available’ by the doctor Matilde de Torres will be offered. Finally, there will be a round table with all the speakers and at the closing the Blessing dance will take place again.


The price of tickets is 40 euros in the stalls and 34 in the amphitheatre. Tickets + Food 60 euros in the stalls and 54 in the amphitheatre.

A Forum that, once again, hopes to fill Riojaforum thanks to the professionalism of the speakers and the involvement of all the professionals and attendees at the event. An appointment to try to find “the meaning of life” and that it is accessible “for everyone”.

The Spirituality Forum will reconnect with ‘the joy of being’ in its eleventh edition