Lu Gaitán: 2023 According to Your Sign, Planetary Transits, Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms | The planting

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Weekend: Gardens of art, the flavors of autumn among chestnuts, mushrooms, chocolate and many events made in Tuscia

Penultimate weekend of October, the ideal temperature allows us to enjoy it looking at the many events that Tuscia reserves: concentrations of autumn flavors in dedicated festivals, in which it is its mistress Majesty the chestnut F.ate a trip to those villages that in celebrating it allow you to appreciate the authenticity of the Tuscia … Read more

Magic mushrooms aren’t hallucinogenic, but “hallucinogenic” mushrooms do have magic

You have probably heard about the magic mushrooms, or any of its other names: hallucinogens, psychoactives, psychedelics, teonanácatl, holy children or others. They are part of the most misunderstood kingdom in the biological world, and also the most complex and involved in the history of our planet and of humanity. The fungi kingdom it helps … Read more