Lu Gaitán: 2023 According to Your Sign, Planetary Transits, Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms | The planting

✍ January 15, 2023 – 13:05

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For Lu Gaitan

Happy New (Gregorian) Year! For astrology, the new year is on the March equinox, but it doesn’t matter. by social conventionwe enter a new year and we want to know what’s up.

2023 will have several astrological movements. It is true, every year things happen in Heaven and on Earth, but not every year Saturn changes sign, let alone Pluto.

During 2023, Saturn will enter the sign of Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius. Also, we have Jupiter entering Taurus. This can be interpreted in many ways and on various levels, but today I want to share with you some of the magic of plants for these transits. Take this as an exploration, not a closed recipe.

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Also, if you have never smoked cannabis with other herbs, My suggestion is that you go little by little, like with anything new, right?

What happens to Jupiter in 2023?

Jupiter entered Aries during 2022 and stays there until 5/16/23: the central issue is to trust what we feel and what is happening to us. If something generates enthusiasm and passion, then it is there.

For this transit, a variety of cannabis that opens up the creative power can go very well and join us when it’s time to go for a walk, ride a bike, dance or do some dynamic form of yoga. You can mix the cannabis with yerba mate (yes, yerba) or mugwort.

Jupiter enters Taurus on May 17/5/23 and stays there until 2024: the body becomes the protagonist and is the one who sets the course. And to know where to go, you need to listen to the needs of the body.

A variety of cannabis that collaborates with meditative states, the opening of the senses and enhances the capacity for enjoyment. You can mix the cannabis with some rose petals or sage.

What’s up with Saturn during 2023?

Saturn in Aquarius until 3/7/23: we have been with this transit since the end of 2020, learning that the ideas we have can be super original but for them to come true, time and work are needed. And above all, do it with others, because no one is saved alone.

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But creating and sustaining those ties requires a lot of presence from us. A variety of cannabis that opens creativity and collective sharing. You can also mix it with some lavender or mint. In addition, a few doses of psilocybin in a group and ritual setting are highly recommended.

Saturn enters Pisces on 3/8/23 and stays there until 2025. This transit can come with some disappointments and disappointments, especially for the most fanciful personalities. But it also opens the possibility of maturing our way of living spirituality. In addition, it is the opportunity to realize many of our dreams and utopias.

A variety of cannabis that helps with the emotional downturn and helps us to rest. You can mix the cannabis with some chamomile and/or incayuyo. Chamomile relaxes and incayuyo helps us remember dreams.

And what about Pluto in vintage ’23?

Pluto enters Aquarius on 3/24/23: this is a long transit and during 2023 we will have a taste of the years to come (until 2044).

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The fungi kingdom will be your ally so that joy appears again, to take some issues more lightly, for new ideas to emerge and to open up the connection with other people. The networks of the mycelium rule, grow and expand through us.

And you know, friends, when in doubt, they ask the plants because they know.

Text: Lu Gaitán

Production: Cristian Baral

Original idea and editing: Hernán Panessi

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Lu Gaitán: 2023 According to Your Sign, Planetary Transits, Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms | The planting