Bison return to indigenous lands revives spirituality

BULL HOLLOW, Oklahoma, USA — Ryan Mackey softly sang a sacred Cherokee verse as he took a handful of tobacco from a resealable bag. Reaching his arms over a barbed-wire fence, he spread the leaves on the grass where a herd of bison grazed in northeast Oklahoma. The offering represented a respectful act of thanks, … Read more

Lands in Italy Paramount +, a new platform for lovers of movies and TV series

The audiovisual streaming market continues to grow in Italy, not only in terms of activated subscriptions but also in terms of the number of platforms available. In fact, another important player is added to the already vast offer of operators such as Netflix and Disney+, namely Paramount+. But what does the service that started in … Read more

The Subasio park also lands at the TTG in Rimini

The project that unites Assisi, Spello, Nocera and Valtopina presented at the international tourism fair Perugia, 17 October 2022 – The project “Destination Subasio”, promoted by the Municipalities of Assisi, Spello, Nocera Umbra and Valtopina, was presented at the TTG Travel Experience in Rimini, a national event of reference for the promotion of tourism in … Read more

Can a normal human cross the sea and enter the Immortal Lands?

The Undying Lands are a very blessed region, functioning as the celestial equivalent of Middle-earth. The ancient schism between the elves who chose eternal life, and wisdom and those who chose death made the journey there very difficult. All successive descendants were bound by the choice of ancestors, and those who chose the path of … Read more