‘Dancing on the Volcano’, Vesuvius and San Gennaro on display in Monaco

(ANSA) – NAPLES, 09 SEPT – “Dancing on the Volcano. Life and faith in the shadow of Vesuvius”, an exhibition on Naples through two symbols, San Gennaro and Vesuvius. A way to bring the Germans to understand the history and culture of a city they love to visit today. This is the exhibition that will … Read more

San Gennaro, an audio guide with the voices of Servillo and De Giovanni

The new audio guide of the Chapel and the Treasury of San Gennaro is here. Toni Servillo, Patrizio Rispo, Nunzia Schiano, Maurizio De Giovanni, Don Riccardo Carafa d’Andria and monsignor Vincenzo de Gregorio they are the narrative voices in the Italian and Neapolitan version of “Un Tesoro di audioguida” produced by D’Uva for the Deputation … Read more