Closure: “Embrace and creative fidelity”. Sister Lodovica’s testimony

Clausura: Lodovica’s journey To “move” sister Lodovica32 years old, nun of Monastery of the Most Holy Redeemer of Scala (SA) «a restlessness of the heart». «Ever since I was a child I have had the desire to help others» – she tells our microphones on the occasion of Pro Orantibus day. Although “it wasn’t immediately … Read more

The border closure that ignored the Wayuu Indigenous People (Nojoishii Asakinüin naa wayuukana sauu noumain)

The Wayuu people call for the “I Intercultural Dialogue for the Harmonic and Sustainable Development of the Wayuu people” in the indigenous community of Peluchón, border area between Colombia and Venezuela, for next September 26, to demand their rights in the face of the opening of the border. By: Alfredo Gonzalez Nunez Leticia Aguaran, is … Read more

Controversy over the closure of the Catholic chapel in the most famous airport in Colombia

Faced with this unilateral decision by the company that manages the El Dorado airport, the Church says that secularization and materialism are taking steps to end the expressions of faith of a people The small chapel that for decades served as a place of prayer for thousands of travelers of different nationalities was closed as … Read more