“Agnes de Dios” will move everyone at the Teatro de La Capilla

shows Tuesday 25, Jul 2023 A masterpiece by John Pielmeier The play is directed by Óscar Casanova and starring Paulina Bringas Arturo Arellano “Agnes de Dios” by John Pielmeier, translated and directed by Óscar Casanova, is presented every Thursday until August 24 at 8:00 p.m. at Teatro La Capilla. Caos Arte and Equis Emergente present … Read more

Capilla del Monte, on the path of energy and spirituality

“Favio Zerpa is right… there are Martians among the people”, says one of the most listened to songs by Andrés Calamaro. Undoubtedly, the UFO phenomenon arouses curiosity in locals and strangers. That is why Capilla del Monte has earned a place in the tourism concert of the Argentine Republic. Recognized as one of the most … Read more