From Palo Santo to energy stones: what they are for and how objects from esoteric stores are used

Recently, words like Lignum vitae either energy stone began to sneak into the daily dialogue, and elephant figures or of Buddha they began to be seen more frequently in the entrances of the houses. All these objects have a particular meaning and use that it is important to know in order to take advantage of … Read more

Interview. “From energy to social emergencies Salesians ready for great challenges”

Jean Paul Muller with speaker Janis McDavid, one of the speakers of Sdb Change – Ans For the first time the Salesian Congregation brought together its provincial treasurers, the managers of the planning and development offices, the directors of the public prosecutors’ offices, the fundraising managers and all the other key persons for the economic … Read more

The long golden beaches, the energy of the ocean of Bali, mystical island


© Sebastien Nagy / Media Drum World / Alamy Stock The long golden beaches, the energy of the ocean, the lush forests, the temples motionless in time, the exotic atmosphere. There is something unique about the island of Bali, in the heart of the Indonesian archipelago. A popular destination for surfers, bohemians and hippies, artists … Read more

New Moon July 28, 2022: Listening to your creative energy


Leo is the most accurate fire sign of our solar identity, the fire originally given to us (the whole Prometheus mythos). The more we are in connection with this inner fire, ready to listen to our heart and to radiate our soul and creative energy, the more the potential of our Being will be actualized. … Read more

Patti Smith in Santa Maria di Campagna: spirituality and energy enveloped the audience in a magical atmosphere


It could only be the “priestess of rock” who sealed the first three, very intense, months of initiatives promoted by the Franciscan Community and the Piacenza Bank to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Santa Maria di Campagna. And Patty Smith did it in the best possible way, giving Piacenza, with the show “An evening of … Read more

Scenarios. Energy, Africa and the road to peace: Descalzi’s vision

Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni, at the Festa di Avvenire in Matera On the first day of the Feast of Future in Materain the meeting with the cardinal Mauro Gambettithe bishop Vincenzo Orofino and the director of Future Marco Tarquinio, Claudio Descalzi offered the public gathered in the Lucanian city a profound reading of the … Read more

Energy Bulletin 2022: The Year of Healing


The cosmic realignment operated in 2021 (energy of the winter solstice 2021) continues until 2023. Throughout the year 2022, the phases of realignment will be experienced as moments of pause or collective testing. but necessary to maintain control, rebuild and download a new identity. In this process, the Earth and her humanity are embraced by … Read more