Capilla del Monte, on the path of energy and spirituality

Favio Zerpa is right… there are Martians among the people”, says one of the most listened to songs by Andrés Calamaro. Undoubtedly, the UFO phenomenon arouses curiosity in locals and strangers. That is why Capilla del Monte has earned a place in the tourism concert of the Argentine Republic.

Recognized as one of the most important energy centers in the country, Capilla del Monte offers a wide variety of experiences related to spirituality and meditation, which promote peace and inner encounter for thousands of visitors throughout the year.

Capilla del Monte, on the path of energy and spirituality

The UFO phenomenon in the world has its epicenter in Argentina at Capilla del Monte. Internationally recognized researchers and broadcasters have mentioned this area of ​​the Punilla Valley with an evident magnetism towards Unidentified Flying Objects.

Due to its educational work over the last twenty years, the CIO Information Center, which has received more than two hundred thousand registered visitors, has been declared of Municipal Interest in Capilla del Monte. It has become a point of interest for all of Argentina and a benchmark for the international academic community interested in UFO issues.

Capilla del Monte, on the path of energy and spirituality

But also the boys and note boys enjoy getting to know “Capilla”. A recommended visit is La Casona de los Cómic created by Hernán Adolfo Doering. In a property dating back to 1905, this architect devised a site designed for fans of comics.

With the presence of a trained guide, the tourist walks through three floors where he can see everything from Batman figures, to Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney and Marvel figures, to the 1982 World Cup badge album.

The place is a magical recreational walk to childhood inside an old house full of history, where you can see the First Edition of “El Tony” magazine, and recall part of our childhood. Without a doubt, it is an occasion to go with the family with the “crazy little ones”. For more information you can contact these cell phones 3517415449 / 3834017918.

Capilla del Monte, on the path of energy and spirituality

If we talk about nature, we must remember that this place has 10,000 hectares of pure air, surrounded by hills, rivers, trails, dams and a unique native mountain, it is a recommended option from every point of view. Cerro Uritorco, el Zapato (which is the emblem of the region and all tourists want to take a selfie against the background of this rock formation), the covered street and many other attractions make up an optimal destination for vacations.


In terms of gastronomy, we must highlight the Restaurant Buddhi, which opens every day, including Mondays, from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. (that is, you can have breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner) and is located at 574 Pueyrredón Street. Buddhi means a buddhic state of consciousness.

With 12 years of validity in the city, it is a must-see. The emblematic dish is the free-range chicken with rice (bosmati) from India. It is served with almonds, dates and some herbs from the region. For those who prefer meat, the loin with pepper with coconut milk is a good choice, while the dessert has as its maximum exponent the Tunisian Dates stuffed with peanut paste.

Another recommended restaurant is La Casa de Kafka. Located on Dean Funes street and with five years of life, it serves Friday and Saturday nights and Sundays at noon. Among its specialties, the bondiola with churny and peach sauce or the spinach Malfati stand out.

To connect with the beyond with excellent gastronomy, Capilla del Monte is a valid option and one that is clearly on the rise in terms of tourism in our province, which will celebrate a new year of life on October 30, since its foundation in 1585.

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Capilla del Monte, on the path of energy and spirituality