How to dress for New Year 2023? We tell you what the meaning of the colors is

Which is the best color for dress up to receive the New Year 2023? what will be the next year’s color? One option is to plan your outfits from end of the year based on the meaning of the colors.

There are many Rituals to attract good luck in the New Year, choose the color of your clothes or accessories according to your Zodiac sign is one of the simplest.

Each color carries a frequency within the spectrum, a vibration and brings with it an energy. This is the meaning of each one of the colors:

  • Pink. Love, friendship, reconciliation and family union
  • Red. Love, sexuality, passion, vitality and courage
  • Orange. Strength, success, confidence, dynamism, joy
  • Yellow. Learning, creativity, communication, economic abundance
  • Green. Health, money, luck, happiness, nature, balance
  • Purple. Spirituality, transmutation, transformation, wisdom
  • Blue. Tranquility, serenity, calm, peace, clarity of thought, meditation
  • White. Protection, peace, purity, truth

Colors according to your zodiac sign to receive 2023

Astrologers recommend using the following colors for the New Year 2023 according to your zodiac sign:

  • Aries → Red
  • Taurus→ Pink
  • Gemini → Light yellow
  • Cancer → White
  • Leo → Green
  • Virgo → Honey
  • Libra → Golden
  • Scorpio → Silver
  • Sagittarius → Violet
  • Capricorn → Navy Blue
  • Aquarium → Light gray
  • Pisces → Sky Blue

Colors according to the Chinese horoscope for 2022

According to Feng Shui, the recommended color for New Year 2023 is bright red. This because next year will come charged with an energy of love and growth.

It should be noted that 2022 in the Chinese horoscope is the year dedicated to the Wood Rabbit. Monica Koppel, a feng shui specialist, recommends the following colors depending on your Chinese horoscope.

  • Rat → Golden
  • Ox → Green
  • Tiger → Turquoise
  • Rabbit → Golden
  • Dragon → Red
  • Snake → Green
  • Horse → Silver or pastel pink
  • Goat → Purple
  • Mono → Royal Blue
  • Rooster → Silver
  • Dog → Purple
  • Pig → Silver

The meaning of these colors according to Feng Shui is as follows:

  • Light blue. Appeasement, freedom and peace. It favors negotiations, job interviews and communication. Activate the element of water.
  • Apple green. Creativity, healing and expansion. It favors adaptation to a new job or new beginning. Activate the wood element.
  • Brilliant red or fiery red. Vital impulse, passion and love. It favors loving relationships and anticipates the arrival of a baby. Activate the element of fire.
  • imperial yellow. Clairvoyance, organization and learning. Favors the purchase of real estate or assets. Activate the earth element.
  • White pearl. Precision, resistance and fairness. It favors trade and transactions. Activate the metal element

Fortifying colors are common to the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. To counteract the negative effects of these, there are corrective colors for each of the signs. We list them below:

  • Rat. snow white and prussian blue
  • Ox. Light yellow and off-white or beige
  • Tiger. Khaki green and peach pink
  • Rabbit. Vermilion Red and Imperial Yellow
  • Dragon. Alabaster White and Orange Red
  • Snake. Straw yellow or cerulean blue
  • Horse. Light orange and cobalt blue
  • Goat. Indigo Blue and Spring Green
  • Bow. Pistachio green and cream color
  • Rooster. Golden yellow and cyan blue
  • Dog. Turquoise Green and Mars Red
  • Pig. Violet and white lunar

Colored panties for New Year

At the end of the year, one of the most famous rituals is to wear red pants to attract love or yellow pants for money.

Although it is less frequent, other colors can also be used in underwear.

Below we share a list of colors and the meaning of each one.

  • White: Peace, hope, harmony and health
  • Orange: Enthusiasm, vitality
  • Green: Hope, health, calm, protection and youth
  • Red: Love, passion and strength.
  • Yellow: Money, business, prosperity and abundance
  • Blue: To realize projects; This color is related to rationality and balance. It is also used to attract good luck and fortune in business.
  • Pink: Romance and love, especially for those looking for a stable relationship.
  • Abode: Spirituality, meditation,
  • Black: Luxury, power, leadership positions, sexuality.

In order for this New Year’s ritual to be more effective, it is recommended that the underwear used on New Year’s Eve (that is, December 31), be new and the product of a gift.

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Other rituals with clothes

Another New Year’s ritual that has to do with clothing is that at dinner on December 31 you wear a gold or silver garment for the first time, this as a way of attracting abundance for the next 12 months.

You can also clean out your closet and get rid of the clothes, shoes or accessories that you no longer use, so that you can give them away or donate them. Energetically this symbolizes that you leave behind the old and make room for the new that is to come.

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How to dress for New Year 2023? We tell you what the meaning of the colors is