Going to Japan: for which period to choose?

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When to go to Japan?

Japan is a country very rich in culture, history and many mysteries fascinating. Nature, architecture and contrast between modernity and age-old traditions, many reasons push a large number of tourists each year to discover this mysterious archipelago.

In recent years, the country has opened up, thanks to many steps to make the visit accessible to all, to a large flow of visitors. It is now possible for everyone to discover the Land of the Rising Sun. Do you want to organize a trip there? Discover the best times to go to Japan!

When to go to Japan?

Choosing the right time to visit Japan can be quite difficult, and for good reason, the list of places and things to discover is very long.

You can indulge in several activities during your trip in the Land of the Rising Sun. This is the reason why we recommend that you prepare a specific visit program from the outset to make the most of your trip to the country of Japan.

Although you can find a large number of very interesting activities in every period of the year, but two of them are particularly interestingit is :

  • spring: between the months of March and June, nature is in full swing in Japan, especially since the country is particularly known for the richness of its flora. You will be able to witness the flowering of the cherry trees which draw breathtaking pictures;
  • autumn: it is a very pleasant period due to the drop in humidity, milder temperatures and the drop in the flow of tourists. You will be able to visit all the time and historical places, with the possibility of discovering Mount Fuji.
When to go to Japan

Where to go in Japan?

The peculiarity of Japan is that although it is a relatively small island, but each island of this archipelago has its own character. It is really difficult, if not impossible, to discover everything in one trip. However, you can go around the most important citiesespecially Tokyo and Kyoto to discover all their splendor if you make your trip during a period that is not very crowded with tourists.

These two big cities are the richest in the country. You can discover many things there, starting with the great museums that retrace the great Japanese culture and its development over time, but also several very old temples which contain ancestral secrets. In Kyoto, each alley leads to a new adventure with its great architectural richness.

In short, you only need choose the right time to go to Japanin order to make the most of your trip and discover all the facets of Japanese culture.

For nature lovers, Japan will offer you unforgettable memories with its lakes, cherry blossoms, Geichas and Mangas. Feel free to include a hike to Mount Fuji to admire all the beauty of Japan from above.

Immediate boarding in Japan! In less than 4 minutes, discover a destination with a unique culture, landscapes imbued with spirituality, modern and traditional cities. A trip whose key word is definitely a change of scenery! The +: geographical locations and visit times are indicated for each place of interest. Chapters: 0:00 : Intro 0:10 :Tokyo 0:26 : Osaka 0:44 :Kyoto 0:58 : Hakone and Mount Fuji 1:16 :Nara 1:29 : Nikko 1:46 : Kamakura 2:03 : Hiroshima 2:16 : Miyajima or Itsukushima Island 2:31 : Hokkaido Island 2:50 : The Okinawa Islands 3:06 : Bepu 3:24

Going to Japan: for which period to choose?