Jiang Zemin, flag bearer of China’s period of strong economic growth, dies

Jiang Zemin, president of the People’s Republic of China between 1993 and 2003, died at the age of 96 in Shanghai, according to Chinese official media. The Chinese giant thus loses a key figure in the great national economic boom of the 1990s, which took place just after the controversy aroused by the massacre in … Read more

Going to Japan: for which period to choose?

To display Hide the table of contents When to go to Japan? Japan is a country very rich in culture, history and many mysteries fascinating. Nature, architecture and contrast between modernity and age-old traditions, many reasons push a large number of tourists each year to discover this mysterious archipelago. In recent years, the country has … Read more

MedFest, in Lecco the Middle Ages are staged: from monks’ songs to period banquets

from Barbara Gerosa The songs of the Cistercian monks, the national premiere of “A city of its own”, a medieval dinner at Villa Manzoni among the events of the festival, in its first edition A step back in time, a journey into the past that retraces more than a thousand years of history. From the … Read more