If it’s about sex…

Sex as a pretext to talk about love, spirituality, enlightenment… Thus could be defined the essence of the next staging that will be exhibited for two weekends at the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center -13th Street corner I- in the Capital Vedado.

The Teatro del Caballero group, under the general direction of the prestigious director and actor José Antonio Alonso, presents the actress Katerine Areas in the solo show let’s have sex in peacewhose functions, the last of this year, will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday corresponding to the days 4, 5 and 6 and 11, 12 and 13 November.

Photo: poster of the work

Rubén Wong Subirat, director of the staging, conceived the text inspired by the homonymous work by the Italian writer Dario Fo, Nobel Prize for Literature (1997).

“We believe that there are a series of false beliefs in sexual practice in the West and we have been very interested in questioning them to some extent, from the perspective of Hindu thought, which is precisely the protagonist in this show.

“He is embodied in a character that does not exist in Dario Fo’s text, and now he comes to us to speak to people in the West about how to fully experience sex and sexuality, based on love and self-knowledge,” he also pointed out. artistic director of the Teatro del Caballero group.

The interpretation made to this classic monologue introduces the viewer to another approach that is not ours, and does so from a call to the most absolute spiritual growth.

This is how the actress Katerine Areas considers it, in whose skin an enlightened teacher baptized with the name of Priya Gautama enters, “knowledgeable and wise of everything that exists and, of course, of sex, who gives advice, questions but never judges, in addition to exemplify about the subject from the Hindu culture, with the intention of dismantling countless beliefs, to lead the viewer to evolve, especially spiritually, “he said.

What will the public find in this monologue?

-Comedy, dance, very funny moments, but at the same time serious and thoughtful, because it is what is needed when talking about love, joy or beauty, starting from the need to eradicate prejudices and false inherited beliefs, which many times we have on our body, and that we try to demystify with this work.

For the readers of Tribune of Havana He announced that it is a 50-minute staging, with great beauty in all aspects and great visuality, supported, in turn, by the color and the set design, which was also carried out by the actress herself, Directed by Mario Trenard, a sculptor with a vast career in the theater.

Katerine Areas graduated in 2010 from the José Joaquín Tejada Academy of Arts, in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba in the specialty of Acting. She has assumed several characters as part of the presentations about the 60 years of the Rita Montaner company.

He also worked with the master Huberto Llamas in the play Santa Camila de La Habana Vieja, with whom he is preparing for an upcoming staging of Andoba, a classic of Cuban theater, by playwright Abraham Rodríguez. In February-March of next year, she will perform El Muro, another one-woman show directed by Wong Subirat.

Let’s have sex in peace was exhibited for the first time in Havana last April. Now she returns to the scene to reaffirm the actress’s preference for the monologue, that genre that, according to connoisseurs, makes you shine or sinks you.

In the case of Katerine there is no doubt that it is the former.

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