December 15, 1958: Windy Day for the World

In the midst of these chaotic days that humanity lives in the densest manifestations, it is important and recommendable to elevate our spirit to gain access by elevating ourselves to the contemplation of the subtle counterpart because, as with the tree, the more the roots descend, the higher they rise. raises the stem and branches. It depends on us the mental side that we choose to attend to, to ascend or descend in that spiritual alchemy.

In this sense, at the level of the highest manifestation of the spirituality of this Era, we remember December 15, one more anniversary of an event of supreme importance for the preservation of life itself of all humanity: the inauguration and delivery, in 1958, of the Model Discipleship of Jnana for Bakti to the Master, created by Master Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière, Illuminator and Avatar of this Era, entrusting it to his Favorite Disciple, Master Dr. David Juan Ferriz Olivares, Apostle of Knowledge. As the latter declares:

“On December 15, 1958, Master Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière inaugurated the New Age Knowledge Model discipleship in a letter that he initially addressed to me in the midst of 600 letters that he sent me over seven years (1956-1962): “ I see it as a standard element for the dissemination of the principles of the Dr. de la Ferrière Foundation; You would be the person impregnated with the Model Discipleship who could guide more in this line of the “Jñàna” for the “Bhakti” to the Master”.

“The Model Discipleship of the Jñàna for the Bhakti to the Master is the Discipleship that realizes the conscientious and existential level of man through Knowledge, which is the penetration of knowledge and intuition from there and without abandoning Knowledge or the Bhumis [Estados de Existencia]nor the Dhatus [Elementos]nor the Nagasiddhis [Facultades], perform the Parabhakti (Paradevotion) explained above. This Model Discipleship must be understood as a reality that focuses an interrelationship not only within oneself or inwardly, but also to the world, giving it not only the experience and living of each one but also existence, internally deepening the teachings and go beyond creativity.”

“Throughout the ages the history of Discipleship and the Way of Knowledge is tinged with a sense of the heroic, of a sacrifice and of an apostolate that on many occasions has been the object of the greatest affronts and persecutions.

“The Discipleship established, protected and blessed by the Master, from the Jnana to the Bakti to the Master, must advance and endure, for several eras, despite all the obstacles and contradictions of these generations of transition between the two eras, that of Believing and Knowing, Pisces and Aquarius.”

“Discipleship is the basis of the Initiatory transmission, the conservation of the Great Tradition and the New Form that it takes in each era, especially if it is a discipleship that the Master Avatar described as a model.”

“The Sublime Master did not consider founding the Model Discipleship with a new denomination, for which reason he did not use the term of yoghism except for the philosophical basis, since the tradition came from upanishadic stages through the term of Jnana [Saber, Yachay, Conciencia de Vida].”

“Regarding the everlasting attacks and contempt for ‘initiatory’ intellectuals by those who lack such profound experience, it is enough to indicate the following paragraph: “The loss of intellectuality deprives human beings of their relations with the universal; in the absence of idealistic faculties or supra-Individual gifts, man no longer has access to the abode of the Divine Principle, the domain of the Great Cause is closed to him».

December 15, 1958: Windy Day for the World – Diario Voces