The outrageous “Marian ice cream” wanted by antipope Bergoglio in S. Maria Maggiore

Many have already read about the ice cream parlor recently inaugurated in the internal courtyard of the stupendous Santa Maria Maggiorein Rome, one of the four papal basilicas, founded in the fifth century, a miracle of synthesis between early Christian and Baroque, a stage of millennial pilgrimages, key center of Catholic spirituality.

“Snow” ice cream in Santa Maria Maggiore

We confess that writing this article was not easydue to the difficulty of understanding what is more disturbing and irritating than this story: whether the outrage to the Marian miracle, the sacredness of the basilica, the economic justifications given, those who object to the tender or the a cum (Bergoglio’s legitimist cat-conservatives) who continue to be scandalized, however, always considering Francis legitimate pope, beyond the most blatant and Marchian evidence.

One could start with the fact that the ice cream hut advertises the house specialty in plain sight: taste “Snowfall”. We read: “Created specifically by the master ice cream makers of Antica Gelateria del Corso, commissioned by Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiorea taste in memory of the miracle of the Roman snowfall of 5 August 358 AD Faith, art, history and tradition come together in a fresh lemon flavor with orange topping, ginger and meringue snowfall“.

Even with the topping. But, at this point, we ask ourselves, why not also make it a greedy one biscuit version, enclosing a ball of snow between two fragrant and crunchy Hosts? Maybe even with a drop of sour cherry syrup, to give him that I don’t know what of Eucharistic miracle.

“Marian gastronomy”

It could be an idea of ​​the “Marian gastronomy”, it can also be exported to other shrines to make money with faith. At least in the Renaissance indulgences were sold, today we have switched to ice cream.

Oh well, you will say, but there are also traditional sweets inspired by religious stories… So this ice cream is prepared by the pious nuns of some particular convent? No. The “Marian dessert” was developed by Antica Gelateria del Corso, a brand of industrial sweets linked to the Swiss multinational Nestlealready reported in 2005 for the use of reduced manpower in slavery.

Be that as it may, as you can only enter the courtyard through the basilica, the site points out visitors, if not stopped by security, risk returning to the church with ice cream in hand. As you see it a nice cone flattened on the cosmatesque mosaics?

It is that the pennies are lacking and therefore, it justifies the Lithuanian Monsignor Rolandas Makrickas, chosen by antipope Francis as Extraordinary Commissioner of the basilica, it was udecision “to respond to the particular complexities of the economic and financial management of the chapter, exacerbated by the spread of the pandemic“. A justification that sounds like an insult to the intelligence of the faithful: but how much can a banquet of industrial ice creams ever earn? Was this outrageous and bad taste initiative really worth it to scrape together a few coins?

Restore Pope Benedict XVI

A good way to replenish the papal coffers, we would like to suggest, would rather be that of to restore the true pope, Benedict XVI, currently in the impeded seat, to the throneso that the Church of Rome becomes Catholic again, no longer hostage to an inversive, heretical and apostate spirituality like the Bergogliism. Then perhaps the faithful will return to pay offerings and 8 x 1000. If you want to read up, the whole scenario has been summarized in the investigation book. “Ratzinger Code” (Byoblu ed. May 2022) currently in the top ten best seller national.

But again to talk about money, among the controversies that have even appeared in the newspapers, the key problem constituted by the ice cream parlor in S. Maria Maggiore has been identified as the lack of a regular tender. Do you understand? The problem is not the ice cream that jokes the centuries-old Marian miracle, or the horror of the “merchants in the temple”, no: the problem is the tender.

In all of this, the a cum they continue to be scandalized without wanting to understand how things are, continuing to consider Francis the legitimate pope for mere inability to understand, economic reasons or intellectual stubbornness.

But all is not lost: there are some people who have not yet sent their brains to clutter. To these, two days ago, the true Holy Father Benedict XVI spoke, sending a letter to the Gioacchino da Fiore Study Center in which he wrote that “in thethe historical action of God, the truth is gradually revealed ”.

And who has ears, listen.

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The outrageous “Marian ice cream” wanted by antipope Bergoglio in S. Maria Maggiore – RomeIT