At the LAC three appointments with culture and entertainment in view of the Christmas holidays

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12/14/2022 – 09:110

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, directed by and starring Filippo Dini; Vincent Bohanan’s Christmas gospel and Sound of Victory choir; The sword in the stone – the musical by the Compagnia delle Formiche, an exciting reinterpretation of the myth of King Arthur

LUGANO – The LAC is preparing for the Christmas festivities with three appointments: “Il crucible” by Arthur Miller directed and interpreted by Filippo Dini, the Christmas gospel by Vincent Bohanan and the Sound of Victory choir, the show for families “The sword in the stone – the musical” by the Compagnia delle Formiche, an exciting and amusing reinterpretation of the myth of King Arthur.

Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 December at 20:30 in Sala Teatro, Filippo Dini directs and performs, together with 14 other actors, “Il crucible” text by Arthur Miller, famous American playwright. An important production that sees on stage, among others, Manuela Mandracchia, one of the protagonists of the focus “The great protagonists, the great protagonists”.

Miller wrote “The Crucible” in 1953, in full McCarthyism, and driven by that state of collective madness he chose to represent the comic dementia of his contemporaneity and its tragic outcomes. The pièce recalls what happened during the Salem witch hunt in the 17th century , transforming that controversial moment in American history into a merciless mirror of the blackest and most twisted shadows of contemporary society. “The crucible” is a wonderful tale, black and grotesque, full of mystery and full of paradoxes; describes the American society of 1692, terrified by the dangers of an unknown land and compromised by its own very strict rules. It is also the mysterious and fascinating story of adolescence, an age in which passion sprouts and explodes in the mind and body of the human being, simultaneously generating love and hate. A text which, after more than two years of the pandemic and the evolution of atrocities in Ukraine, is now playing new and terrible music, as if history were placing us in front of an abyss: not being able to go back, not being able to move forward.

Friday 23 December at 20:30 Vincent Bohanan and his magnificent Sound of Victory choir, among the most active and renowned of the US gospel scene, are the protagonists of this year’s Christmas concert. Founded by Bohanan in 2014, the choir is made up of thirty versatile and talented artists from the New York boroughs of Brooklyn and Bronx. Over the years, Sound of Victory has shared the stage with artists such as Mariah Carey, Cece Winans, Rev. Hezekiah Walker. Their repertoire includes a gospel strongly influenced by Afro-American sounds, rhytm & blues and soul that will be able to evoke a unique atmosphere capable of uniting spirituality and rhythm, religious sentiment and joie de vivre; the result is a musical journey full of new implications. The show is made in collaboration with MyNina Spettacoli and GC Events.

Tuesday 27 at 18 and Wednesday 28 December (double performance at 14 and 18) after the success of Alice in Wonderland, the Compagnia delle Formiche returns to the LAC, protagonist of “The sword in the stone – the musical”; a work designed for a family audience (for children from 4 years old) in which the famous myth of King Arthur becomes an exciting and entertaining show. A powerful wizard, a wicked fairy and a kingdom contested between good and evil. When young Arthur is called upon to become a great man, his life will change forever. Destiny will drag him into a whirlwind of love, adventure and dangers, and he will be able to count only on his intelligence, sharp as a sword, and on his heart, strong as a rock. Thanks to Merlin’s magic, the public will travel to a fantastic world populated by talking animals and extravagant characters who will accompany Arthur and Guinevere in a timeless love story. The show took first place in the competition of the original musical “PrIMO” (2016). The event is organized in collaboration with GC Events.

At the LAC three appointments with culture and entertainment in view of the Christmas holidays