“The Exorcism of God” becomes the highest grossing Venezuelan film in history

After surpassing the mark of 2 million viewers in theaters in Latin America, the United States, Russia and Singapore, and being seen by hundreds of thousands of people on digital platforms, “The Exorcism of God”, by director Alejandro Hidalgo, is positioned as the highest grossing Venezuelan film in history.

It is the first time that a Venezuelan film has been commercially released in theaters and platforms in multiple countries around the world. The film starring Venezuelan María Gabriela de Faría, Will Beinbrink (“It: Chapter 2”) and Joseph Marcell (“The Prince of Rap”), has generated a furor among fans of the horror genre and has sparked controversy among the most believers. In Venezuela it was seen by more than 90 thousand spectators. The director, producer and screenwriter, Alejandro Hidalgo, tells us about the success of the film.

“The Exorcism of God is a work that goes beyond the horror genre and the emotional impacts it generates in the audience. On the contrary, it uses terror as a mask to attract a mass audience and thus propose themes of great human relevance. Among them, the corruption of the soul through the abuse of power, sexual abuse, and above all the divorce created between religion and spirituality, sustained in discrimination towards those who believe in something different, or even in sexual discrimination. This is a film that pays homage to forgiveness as the most powerful manifestation of love.”

– The Exorcism of God is spoken in English, is it really a Venezuelan film?

– “This is a mostly Venezuelan film, produced with 100% Venezuelan financing, provided by the company Kabche Film Production, CA, led by Venezuelan businessmen Karim Kabche and Antonio Abdo. We have a production team of more than 7 Venezuelans, a Creole protagonist along with 8 other Venezuelan actresses. Our technical team includes brilliant Venezuelan artists and area managers, such as our director of photography Gerard Uzcátegui, our composers Élik Álvarez and Yoncarlos Medina, and our editor Dester Linares. Finally, it was also written and directed by a Venezuelan.

-How does the film manage to be released in so many countries around the world?

– “Its realization follows a scheme of co-production and international distribution. First of all, we strive to develop a powerful and universal story. As filmmakers we cannot leave entertainment aside, as this is the fundamental key so that our vision and message can meet a true audience. On the other hand, the film was shot in English on location in Mexico. Mexico is the country that consumes the most horror movies in the world, and it is also a reality that Hollywood dominates the international market. So our goal was to produce a Venezuelan work that would also be accepted internationally and distributed by this industry. In this sense, we have the support of the prestigious sales agency XYZ Films, which managed to execute distribution agreements with Saban Films and the Lionsgate studio for our premiere in the United States, as well as with multiple companies to ensure distribution in at least 150 countries. ”

In addition to its successful premiere in theaters and international platforms, Hidalgo’s film had participation in the most renowned fantastic film festivals. Among them, the Sitges Film Festival, known as the most important fantastic film festival in the world and an event endorsed by the FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations), the Fantastic Fest, the most influential genre event in the United States , and the 42nd edition of Fantasporto in Portugal, where Alejandro Hidalgo was honored as Best Director, joining a historic group of filmmakers such as Guillermo del Toro, Peter Jackson, David Cronenberg, Danny Boyle, David Fincher, among others.

Alejandro Hidalgo is currently represented by CAA (Creative Artist Agency), one of the most influential talent agencies in the US industry, and is currently working on the development of new film projects.

“The Exorcism of God” becomes the highest grossing Venezuelan film in history