Flutist Francisco Malavé is awarded at the “Medici International Music Competition”

The young Venezuelan flutist trained in the National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela, Francisco Malavé, has just received one of the highest honors for his instrument, such as the “Special Mention” in the professional category awarded by the prestigious competition. “Medici International Music Competition”, being also the only Latin American flute player to achieve it in the 2022 edition. This virtuoso pride of Edo. Bolívar was part of prestigious orchestras such as the Teresa Carreño Youth Symphony, the Venezuela Symphony and the National Flute Orchestra, he currently resides in Puerto Ordaz, works incessantly in his own flute class and continues to perfect his knowledge under the tutelage of the master Manuel Rojas.

“Having achieved this special mention in such an important competition has given me great joy, not only for what it represents, but also for the fact that I am the only Venezuelan and Latin American flutist to be awarded this year, which allows me to positively highlight the Venezuelan name. I felt comfortable with what I had achieved in the recording and the fact that my work was appreciated and valued by the qualifying jury gave me extra satisfaction. In my career, I honestly had no experience in international competitions of this nature, so this award reinforces my confidence, it gave me extra motivation and a positive attitude that drives me to continue growing”, said Francisco Malavé.

The Medici International Music Competition is an open international competition for musicians of all nationalities, covering instruments from the woodwind section, brass, strings, percussion, piano, singing and chamber music ensembles. Each discipline is divided into different age categories, from children under 5 years old to professionals over 25 years old and with no age limit. Over the years, it has gained prestige and popularity in the music community around the world, with the participation of the most prominent top musicians from Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and the Middle East. Additionally, it is dedicated to the memory of one of the most influential musical families in history, the Medici family.

It is worth remembering that Francisco Malavé is currently a student of none other than Manuel Rojas, one of the most renowned flutists of El Sistema, also remembered for having been part of the Gurrufio Ensemble. “I want to give special recognition to my teacher and friend Manuel Rojas, who taught me to believe, to have faith and discipline. His wisdom, spirituality and brotherhood accompanied me and guided me at all times of this competition and continues to do so after it, in each step I take personally and flutistically”, added the young man, who also cites among his main influences and teachers José García Guerrero, Enver Cuervos, María Gabriela Rodríguez, Raimundo Pineda, Nicolás Real, Huascar Barradas and Andrés Eloy Rodríguez among many others.

He is currently preparing to continue competing in other international commitments and also wishes to contribute his knowledge as a teacher to the nucleus of El Sistema in his hometown, Puerto Ordaz, following the values ​​instilled by the teacher José Antonio Abreu. He is also developing a chair for private students to work online and in person, focusing on musical proposals for next year in the US.

In relation to the success and prestige currently enjoyed by many national flutists in the world, Malavé explains that “the Venezuelan flute school is recognized as one of the best in the world and this is not only said by me, it has been said by the greatest flutists. of our time. It is a reality and each time it is demonstrated how several colleagues conquer the podiums in competitions throughout almost the entire world. I want to send a special thanks to the Venezuelan national flute school where I trained”.

Flutist Francisco Malavé is awarded at the “Medici International Music Competition”