Read or reread: “The choice. Exile or the development of Africa »

By definition, the choice is the action of choosing something, someone, of taking it in preference to others; result of this action: the choice of a profession, of a collaborator. Power, possibility to choose (especially with leave, have, give): I leave you the choice of the time of our meeting », says the Larousse French Dictionary, 2022. A choice results from the decision of an individual or a group faced with a situation or a system offering one or more options. The choice makes it possible to support its internal cohesion or to break the balance. Several parameters ensure its feasibility. The same is true for exile and development in Africa.

Knowledge of the rules of the functioning of life guides the author to choose instead of a weapon of mass destruction as a bomb would know how to do, but rather of a weapon of mass revolution. In this undated book, Berdi P. Atsoutsoula targets the problems that undermine Africa: poverty, weak leadership, identity crisis, corruption, etc. The problems that have caused a lot of ink and saliva to flow “of the most talented orators and skilful writers from the cradle of humanity or even elsewhere (p. 4) without finding solutions.

For Berdi P. Atsoutsoula, the choice is clear. Between exile or the development of Africa, he opts for the second. Definitively abandoning Africa for Europe or America seems to be a headlong rush. Should we leave Africa to have found something better? ” Africa is today at a crossroads. Several experts in various fields agree that this continent is the future El Dorado. Young African from the kingdom, the dilemma that arises these days is between leaving Africa or staying there. Quitting both literally and figuratively. Because there are those who have left this continent of soul and spirit, leaving only their bodies here. And those who, despite the distance that separates them from the cradle of humanity, have had a bleeding heart for its redevelopment” (p. 4).

This 53-page book is divided into several parts including “Taking into account the current situation”, “Profound spirituality: the basis of all development”, “Unity-Work-Progress”, “Appeal to the African diaspora”, “Motivation for the most skeptical”, etc. We note with the author that certain glaring facts call into question the intentions of the social actors. Yet, we must all help Africa to develop and preserve its autonomy. With regard to the direct and indirect causes which promote exile and decree underdevelopment in Africa, the author makes suggestions.

While asking ourselves the question, like the author, did the fathers of independence and the African Union all fail? Read and re-read this book to understand better. ” Reading boosts our cognitive abilities. It transforms our way of thinking, of speaking, in short of being he challenges us (p. 41).

Read or reread: “The choice. Exile or the development of Africa »