The “Time of Creation” opens in Ravascletto 2022 Listen to the voice of Creation

The invitation to daily practice an “ecological spirituality” and the demanding appeal to recognize the urgency of “ecological conversion”, on Thursday 1 September, will resound in Ravascletto, on the occasion of the “Meditation in music on Pope Francis’ message for celebration of the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation ”.

At 6 pm, in the parish church of San Matteo, the event “Listen to the voice of Creation” is scheduled, which inaugurates the “Time of Creation” 2022 in the Archdiocese of Udine.

The period that begins on 1 September, with the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation”, and which will end on 4 October, with the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, is a special moment for Christians of all Confessions to pray and take care, together with all people of good will, of the common home, increasingly threatened by the “ecological catastrophe”.

In Ravascletto, the moment of ecumenical spirituality will be led by the Aquilan organist Maria Grazia De Paulis (originally from Valcalda on her mother’s side), by the Roman singer Stefania Matalone and by the very young Pisan singer Teresa Spillantini, who will perform medieval, traditional and modern pieces. commenting on the demanding words of Pope Francis, spread to guide the prayer, reflection and action of communities around the world.

Among other things, compositions by Girolamo Frescobaldi, Giuseppe Tartini, John Rutter, Johann Sebastian Bach and Domenico Bartolucci will be performed.

«If we learn to listen to it – Pope Bergoglio wrote in his message -, we notice a sort of dissonance in the voice of creation. On the one hand, it is a sweet song that praises our beloved Creator; on the other, it is a bitter cry that complains of our human mistreatment. The sweet song of creation… is an invitation to base our spirituality on the “loving awareness of not being separated from other creatures, but of forming a wonderful universal communion with the other beings of the universe” (…). Unfortunately, that sweet song is accompanied by a bitter cry. Or rather, from a chorus of bitter cries. First, it is the mother earth sister who cries out. At the mercy of our consumer excesses, it groans and begs us to stop our abuses and its destruction… Finally, our children cry out. Threatened by a myopic selfishness, adolescents anxiously ask us adults to do everything possible to prevent or at least limit the collapse of the ecosystems of our planet ».

The entire “Time of Creation”, thanks to the various initiatives that Groups and Communities will organize in every part of Friuli and the world, intends to broaden and deepen the listening to the “bitter cries” denounced by the Pope, so that the ‘invitation to “repent and change lifestyles and harmful systems”, because – Francis recalls in his message – the “state of degradation of our common home deserves the same attention as other global challenges such as serious health crises and war conflicts” .

The Ravascletto event, hosted and supported by the Church of San Matteo di Monaio, is the result of the consolidated collaboration between Beni collective Carnia, Archconfraternity of the Holy Spirit of San Pietro in Carnia, Fridays for Future Carnia, Nuovo Cinema David di Tolmezzo, Caritas, Office for Dialogue and Ecumenism and Diocesan Missionary Center, which in recent years have taken care of various initiatives for the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation” and the “Time of Creation” in Carnia and Friuli Udine , starting in 2010.

The “Time of Creation” opens in Ravascletto 2022 Listen to the voice of Creation – CafeTV24