África. Winnie Mandela: su hip

Por Abuy Nfubea, Resumen Latinoamericano, 8 de agosto de 2023. Expresar mi más profunda gratitud a la profesora Isabel Osorio directora de la Escuela de Formación Panafricanista por su invitación y al profesor Rodrigo Vescovi de la Universidad de Barcelona, por su inspiración. Algunos de los debates que sostuvimos durante los cursos de verano. Gracias al empeño de ambos, seguimos … Read more

The Ubuhle Collective: Beads, Traditions and Sisterhood in South Africa | africultures

Working the bead was a particularly widespread activity in South Africa and especially among the xhosa, a people originally from the Great Lakes region. This is an ancient tradition that allowed women to create ornamental objects, also intended to be used as important social markers. While it had almost fallen into oblivion, this craft was … Read more

Mama África, cultural ambassador of Angola and Africa

In her Casa Museu de Luanda, Aminata Goubel, alias Mama África, warmly welcomes all those who want to discover African and Angolan cultures. A “cause” which is the pride of this ex-journalist who has become a leading personality in Angola. A respected former actress and journalist, Aminata Goubel, better known as Mama África, is today … Read more

Guadalupe, la correntina que estudia en EE.UU. la genética del arroz para ayudar a África

Actualmente, con 36 años, Guadalupe Montiel está viviendo en Louisiana, Estados Unidos, haciendo un postgrado para profundizar su conocimiento en la genética del arroz. Pero esto es solo un nuevo mojón de un largo y fructífero camino que comenzó en su Corrientes natal, continuó con sus vivencias de campo junto a su familia, siguió en … Read more

South Africa: Abel Selaocoe, the cellist who shows us the link between Bach and traditional African songs!

Abel Selaocoe, cellist A cellist in dreadlocks: this is not trivial! The first album by Abel Selaocoe, a South African cellist whom we are discovering, is wonderful, a mixture of European classical music – baroque more precisely – and traditional South African music, our musician passing most easily in the world from one universe to … Read more

In South Africa, jazz is visceral, spiritual and political

Nduduzo Makhathini was 9 years old when Apartheid was officially abolished in South Africa in 1991, after forty years of racial segregation. Thirty years later, the kid from uMgungundlovu (district neighboring Durban) has established himself as one of the most emblematic and in-demand jazz pianists on the vibrant South African scene. But each note, each … Read more

Read or reread: “The choice. Exile or the development of Africa »

By definition, the choice is the action of choosing something, someone, of taking it in preference to others; result of this action: the choice of a profession, of a collaborator. Power, possibility to choose (especially with leave, have, give): I leave you the choice of the time of our meeting », says the Larousse French … Read more

Land of reggae: the musical selection of “World Africa” #126

Each Wednesday, The World Africa presents three new musical releases from or inspired by the continent. This week, honor to reggae, about which the Ghanaian singer stonebwoy recently said: “Reggae is rooted in the heart of Africa, it fundamentally does not belong to any Caribbean society, it belongs to Africans and we benefit from it … Read more

L’influenza russa in Africa tra decolonizzazione e mondo multipolare

C’è un continente dove i movimenti di potenza globali si stanno traducendo più rapidamente che altrove in reali cambi di equilibrio geopolitico. Si tratta dell’Africa, dove sempre più Paesi stanno cercando una nuova collocazione geopolitica, distante dal passato neocoloniale. Le congiunture internazionali, infatti, stanno fornendo all’Africa le potenzialità per diventare un importante attore nel teatro … Read more

“The rhythms of trance”: between Africa and the Indian Ocean, the musical journeys of Christine Coulange

Debaa Madania (Mayotte) ©_Christine Coulange The videographer-globe-trotter Christine Coulange will present on October 7, 2022 at the 6MIC in Aix-en-Provence her new creation: “The rhythms of Trance”. An immersive journey in sounds and images, which is a summary of the musical journey she has been making for 15 years between Africa and the Indian Ocean, … Read more