Now 30: what is known about the fixed quota program

“In the coming days” government will launch a program that, in principle, will last until the end of the year, intended to finance in 30 fixed installments the purchase of televisions, air conditioners and cell phones, within the framework of an agreement with manufacturers, retail chains and large supermarkets.

The Commerce secretaryquoted by telampointed out that the program is prepared on the basis of a proposal from the Association of Argentinean Factories Electronic Terminals (AFARTE) and is intended to promote consumption and will be a main policy that will last until the end of the year.

“We have been working for weeks between the Commerce secretary, electronics manufacturers grouped in AFARTEretailers and supermarkets for a program of 30 fixed installments”, pointed out a source from the Association consulted by PROFILE.

There is business unrest over the Fair Prices plan

“The program will include TV from 50, 55 and 58 inches with 4K technologyenergy efficient air conditioners A Y medium and low range cell phones. The rate will be well below the market rate and is being managed by Commerce with the banks. It will go into effect in the next few days.”, added the source who decided to save his name.

He also stressed that all the products are all from “national manufacturing and, therefore, the brands that manufacture in the Argentine territory are involved. Companies such as BGH, Grupo Mirgor, Grupo Newsan, Brightstar, Midea Carrier, Radio Victoria, Electrofueguina, Digital Fueguina, FAPESA and SOLNIK, produce in Tierra del Fuego for glarge international firmsbut they also make their own brands.

For example, the Mirgor Malvinas Plant in Río Grande manufactures products for Samsung that are sold in the country. In that same category they also deposit your confidence in the national industry other giants like LG either Motorola.

What businessmen think of Alberto Fernández’s phrase in IDEA

About when the measure comes out, when it starts and how long it would extend; cWhat would be the interest rate that will be applied in the program? or if it is anticipated include commercial SMEs that they do not have the same possibilities as large stores, the Secretary of Commerce replied to this medium that “details are being finalized and more information will be available in the coming days.”

However, the measure has some detractors. The economic and market analyst, Salvador di Stefano He commented on his Twitter account: “Now 12 with rates of 85% per year, and now 30 for televisions, air conditioning and telephones will have a rate of 48% per year, with a purchase amount limit of $200,000. To take advantage of, another pays Godpurchase that the people pay for”.

The request of SMEs

The Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) stated your support for the access plan to household appliances in 30 fixed installments and indicated that he will ask the Government to extend it to small and medium-sized businesses.

From CAME, they confirmed to PROFILE that The request was made to the Secretary of Commerce and they are “waiting for a response”. Fabián Tarrío, director of the entity’s commercial sector, quoted by telampointed out that they seek that “commercial SMEs can also have the same possibilities that they are giving to the big chains and to large surfaces”.

The Government seeks consensus with the food companies to stop the rise in prices

It is good that consumption is boosted with a stimulus such as the one proposed by the Government together with television manufacturers and businesses,” Tarrío said in statements to Télam Radio.

For his part, Gustavo Brusadirector of Home Businesses at BGH, told Télam that “it is relevant to maintain an active consumption dynamic, which allows for the promotion of investments, renew technology and develop new projects. For this, long-term financing policies play a fundamental role, and boost sales”.


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Now 30: what is known about the fixed quota program