‘Ponte a punto’, the dean congress of personal development meets again with the public in Pontevedra to celebrate its 10th anniversary

'Ponte a punto', the dean congress of personal development meets again with the public in Pontevedra to celebrate its 10th anniversary

The event of Personal development “Ponte a punto” returns faithful to its face-to-face appointment in Pontevedra to celebrate its tenth anniversary in style; which makes him the oldest personal growth event in Galicia and one of the longest running in Spain. “Ponte a punto” began its journey in 2012 with renowned speakers such as Emilio Duró and Eduardo Sánchez (The Secret) and throughout these ten years such prestigious speakers as Javier Iriondo, Fernando Salinero, Sergio Fernández, Josepe García, Pepe Cabello, Anne Igartiburu, Teresa Viejo, Majo Cascales, José María Toro, Carlos Andreu, José Antonio Fernández Bravo, Montse Hidalgo, Míriam Fernández, Mario San Miguel and many other speakers who made up the list of speakers at each event, in which they turned to Pontevedra in the capital of emotional intelligence.

This year, “get readywill be held throughout the day of the Saturday, November 26 and will be moved to the Afundación Auditorium in Pontevedra, instead of the Pazo da Cultura as usual, to hold a more festive event. However, the Department of Economic Promotion led by Yoya Blanco will continue to support this initiative which, at the time, was also supported by Carlota Román and Anabel Gulías.

This year’s cast will consist of some of the most relevant speakers who have passed through “Ponte a punto” in this decadesuch as Javier Iriondo, Josepe García, Fernando Salinero, Pepe Cabello, Majo Cascales, Raquel Arbizu, Sissi Freire, Natalia Sanchidrián and Mario San Miguel who will play current issues such as resilience, managing emotions, mental well-being, improving relationships with oneself and with others and, of course, motivation and self-improvement issuesTherefore, as in previous editions, this congress will provide tools, strategies and large doses of inspiration so that people can better manage their emotions and better deal with recent and current situations that they have had to live.

The profile of the people who attend “Ponte a punto” is very varied because this congress is Aimed at anyone who is interested in improving as a human being on a mental and emotional level. For this reason, those attending this event are usually professionals from education, the coaching and from psychology, to entrepreneurs, the self-employed, company managers, sales executives, even students or the unemployed… Anyone who is interested in improving and having a fuller, happier and more complete life. The main objective of this congress is aimed at provide people with methods and tools that help them better manage emotions, attitudes and thoughts in order to face the situations that life presents every day.

Registration can be done through the web, email at info@ponteapunto.es or WhatsApp.

Speakers of “Get ready” 2022

Javier Iriondo He has established himself as one of the most acclaimed speakers today, with countless conferences held in more than 10 countries, on self-improvement and mental strength, personal development and leadership. Javier was a professional athlete in the USA, as well as being a businessman with extensive professional experience in different business areas. He is the author of four highly successful books, highlighting his renowned bestseller Where your dreams take you, with more than 30 editions, a recommended book in all areas, which has transformed the lives of thousands of people. He is also a trainer coach of strategic intervention, specialized in the resolution of emotional conflicts. But above all, it is his life history and his proven personal experiences that offer great added value in his interventions.

Pepe Cabello is an expert in coaching, Leadership and Motivation specialized in Positive Psychology with more than 20 years of experience leading and directing different business projects obtaining great results. He is the director of the Master’s in Coaching at the Fundación CEU San Pablo Andalucía, co-author of Coaching and Quality of Life Y Health, physical activity and high performanceoy author of the books breathe, And if it were possible? Y the strength of courage.

Natalia SanchidrianAfter a childhood marked by abuse and trauma, she had to face the limitations of the behavioral disorders that this caused her, until she decided to ask for help and went in search of the life she deserved. He lived and worked in eight different countries, began to discover his true potential and returned to Spain with a purpose: to face his fears and publish his books. Today she is an international speaker, author bestseller de Planeta, expert in Emotional Intelligence and student of Psychology. She has also done some of her training with such prestigious experts as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Robert Holden, and Karl Dawson.

Majo Cascales is dedicated to personal transformation through finding out who each person really is. His transformation began at a very young age, where sports played a very important part in learning values ​​and discipline. Spirituality helped him create a new mental architecture by learning a new way of thinking, being aware of what each person truly is, and a new way of interpreting and perceiving the world and oneself. That deep look forms the fundamental pillars of a total and lasting transformation. She has made her one of the most important personal transformation and change process trainers today with more than 10 years of experience training people. She is the author of the books It’s easy to stop suffering if you know how Y The power of your peace.

Fernando Salinero He studied Law at the University of Salamanca and a large part of his professional career has been spent in the business world. He has trained and directed numerous commercial teams, managers and entrepreneurs through seminars and workshops, as well as other collaborations from the heart of companies. He is a founding partner of the Utopia Leonardo Consulting Company, the Professional School of Sales and the SME Development Institute. In addition to his trajectory oriented to the world of consulting and training for companies, in recent years he has trained in various disciplines of personal development and focuses many of his conferences on this area. He is the author of several books, including Story Coaching Y The Path of the Tiger.

Josepe Garcia He is the director of the “Impact Institute” and of the first school of public speaking for businessmen in Spain. One of the pioneers of coaching in Spain since 2003, introducer of high-impact communication in the country and one of the leading experts in empowerment in Spanish. In addition, he is a professor in various master’s degrees related to coaching and entrepreneurship in Business Schools and Universities such as the University of Salamanca, University of Barcelona, ​​Miguel de Cervantes University, Lasalle Business School, ICADE, IPH, Hune Institute and international speaker and TED speaker in the US, Israel, France, Peru, Panama, Mexico, Egypt, Colombia, Dubai, Chile, Jordan and Portugal. She has trained more than 70,000 businessmen, entrepreneurs, and professionals on 4 continents in recent years in a success mindset, meaningful entrepreneurship, and high-impact communication.

raquel arbizu She is a communicator, an expert in leadership, personal growth and motivation and talent management. She is also the founder and CEO of FarmaFlow. She has a degree in Information Sciences from the University of Navarra, she has a master’s degree in Communication and Marketing Corporate in Tracor (CEU San Pablo). International Certificate of Expert in High Impact Dynamics, from the Firewalk American Institute. Certified in Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence.

Laurent Rousseau He has a degree in Higher Engineering, certified in Motivational Neuroscience, Non-Verbal Language and High Performance.

mentor and speaker international, expert in leadership and sales. He helps leaders worldwide to achieve high performance, with more humanity and not be left alone with the pressure of results, teaching them to prioritize and lighten their backpack to achieve change.

His best skill is helping people grow to release their fears and communicate to the world a message of impact that helps them sell more. His mantra is “There is no success without helping others.”

In addition, Laurent stands out for his humor, his energy and his extraordinary ability to connect to cause changes and achieve great goals.

Sissy Freire She is a social educator specialized in Emotional Intelligence and a graduate in Labor Sciences. She is also a graduate in Business and Tourism Activities, a specialized trainer in Development and Personal Improvement, a volunteer teacher in collaboration with various NGOs and an expert speaker on issues of personal improvement.

mario san migueHe has a degree in Social and Information Sciences. He has a multifaceted profile, since he is a writer, musician, composer, artist, lecturer and trainer. He is the author of 4 books, among which stands out The Fabulous Formula of Happiness and at a musical level he has published 5 albums, of which his latest title is Sound Mind Art. Mario is also the founder of the Association “El ejército del Amor”, but above all, he is a human being with capital letters and an example of a life full of values, based on love.

‘Ponte a punto’, the dean congress of personal development meets again with the public in Pontevedra to celebrate its 10th anniversary