“The media are worried about the lack of gas. What if 2023 was worse than 2022? “. Editorial by Charles SANNAT

My dear impertinents, dear impertinents,

You probably know the endless day. This film where the hero lives day after day the same day and starts again and again. Unending. The moral of the story is that he must improve and become better in order to be able to find again the joys of the passing of time and the days that advance.

It’s a bit the same thing with the European Union and our leaders.

We are experiencing an endless energy winter without perspective.

Our kind helmsmen explain to us “reassuringly” that European gas reserves are full. Certainly. But these reserves only cover 75% at best of winter consumption. We therefore risk running out of gas at the end of winter and perhaps even a little before, hence the need for savings in the very, very short term.

But when the winter is over. When our gas reserves have been emptied, what will happen?

What will we do ?

Hello, Putin? Are you resuming gas deliveries through the gas pipelines that the Americans blew up and which can no longer supply Europe with gas that we don’t want to pay you since we’re sanctioning you? Such an approach is unlikely to work.

So what will we do?

What will we do to run the German factories during the summer, and above all, how will we be able to prepare for the winter of 2023/2024?

You’re going to tell me well, we just have to buy LNG… sure. But as I told you last November in the article below, it will not be so simple, because the production and transport capacities are not easily expandable.

2023, dark year. Gas and LNG, huge supply problems ahead.

Moreover, things are starting to panic a little, and it would seem that the seriousness of the situation is starting to make its way into the cloudy minds of our elites who are so brilliant, that they understand very quickly, provided that we We explained to them all the same for a very long time. Too long. Bruno Le Maire still seems to suffer from the syndrome of “difficult comprehension” as he does not see the massacre and the economic carnage that comes with his shock absorber story that will not dampen anything at all.

Here is the screenshot from Google News concerning these stories of gas shortages for 2023 and it seems that finally it is panicking a little in the cozy circles of our upper spheres.

This is what the Tribune headlines.

Energy crisis: why will 2023 be even more critical for Europe?

“Next March, when the winter is over, the gas crisis that is shaking the Old Continent today will probably seem a long way off. And yet, the worst is yet to come, warns the International Energy Agency in a new report published on Monday. Because the European Union will then risk facing a potential deficit of nearly 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas, or more than 6.5% of its total consumption in 2021. Explanations”.

It all started with a report by the IEA, the International Energy Agency.

What does this report say?

In essence, in 2023 there could be another drop in Russian gas deliveries, or even a total stoppage. No kidding…

That LNG supply will be tight, especially if China returns to the market and ends its zero Covid policy. This will weigh considerably both on price levels and on the availability of LNG worldwide. China has the means to pay. Not us.

Finally, it is not because the temperatures are mild this year that they will be so next year.

So we are currently in an endless energy crisis. An endless and hopeless crisis, because our great helmsmen, our beacons in the palaces have no vision and still announce nothing except the construction of a few more wind turbines. Perfect. But there is not enough to run the bread ovens of our bakers or the freezers of our supermarkets, not to mention our food factories.

The donkeys who lead us drive us straight into the wall…singing.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !

Charles SANNAT

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“The media are worried about the lack of gas. What if 2023 was worse than 2022? “. Editorial by Charles SANNAT – Insolentiae