Christopher Uckermann, ex RBD, retires from the show to live his spirituality

Christopher Uckermann has been part of the artistic milieu since he was 12 years old (Photo: Instagam @Christophervuchermann)

Christopher Uckermann caused a stir among his followers by announcing that he will put aside his artistic career more mainstream to focus on his spiritual facet. So he made it known the former RBD in a posted video on his Instagram account.

The actor and singer shocked his fans by declaring that he is focused on his spiritual studieswhich is why it will stop making commercial content: “I wanted to share with you on this day of clarity and message one of them, which is, the importance of working and walking towards your dreams, of fulfilling your purpose, what is in your design, going after that dream”, were the words with whom he began to chat with his more than 2 million followers followers.

The 35-year-old artist expressed that the content that currently enjoys fame and popularity does not carry a positive message to society, but rather contributes to a flow of low energy.

Christopher captioned his video "revelations" (Photo: Instagram @christophervuckermann)
Christopher titled his video “Revelations” (Photo: Instagram @christophervuckermann)

“That we can consume things that feed. Imagine a world of good news, of being able to get up and read the newspaper or see something wonderful on the networks, that someone saved the animals, that someone did something good in the world for someone else. Good news in the world would make a difference energetically completely”

The well-remembered “Diego Bustamante”, a role he played in the telenovela Rebelrecounted his experience as part of the entertainment medium: “I was part of entertainment, for those who know me or not, I have been in entertainment all my life and what I can tell you is that 90 percent of the people who they are in the world of entertainment or in any system, many don’t know what they really do…but who knows what he does in this world?”, were his controversial clarifications.

However, the artist who during the transmission expressed being a student of Kabbalah -which refers to Jewish esotericism in its different modalities- stressed that He will continue to be linked to music and other artistic projects, but he will now carry them out from a spiritual search perspective.and not for commercial purposes.

The artist will not stop producing music, but independently (Photo: Instagram/@rbd_musica)
The artist will not stop producing music, but independently (Photo: Instagram/@rbd_musica)

“I am no longer the protagonist, now we are the team, now we are the integrated integrity of the other and grow together. I love celebrating with my team, it’s one of the things I enjoy the most in all my solo projects. When I finish a concert, that everything about me is a small scale compared to everything that was RBD, but it is something that fills me completelyApplauding the team, being the leader and guiding them and being taught is one of the things I value most on this planet earth.”.

Finally, the singer reminded them that fame will never fill you that search is well experienced, it is valid, but it will never fill you up”.

And it is that Christopher began his artistic career from a very young age when he ventured as a child actor in soap operas Friends forever Y Daniel’s diarybut his moment of greatest success and worldwide projection came with the arrival of his participation in Rebela project by producer Pedro Damián.

The actor has also caused a stir with his postures "anti-vaccination" (Photo: Instagram)
The actor has also caused a stir with his “anti-vaccine” stances (Photo: Instagram)

The successful youth soap opera led to the group RBD, in which he alternated with Dulce María, Anahí, Maite Perroni, Poncho Herrera and Christian Chávez. With the group he was able to make successful presentations in multiple countries and has remained engraved in the history of Mexican pop as one of the most outstanding groups in years.

After touring different countries as part of RBD, Christopher went solo with his album We areHowever, the work was not a commercial success, and Uckermann continued his facet as an actor in film and television in works such as kdabra Y diableroin addition to the release of other musical albums: The revolution of the blind Y subtle universe.


Christopher Uckermann, ex RBD, retires from the show to live his spirituality