conversion fruits

Fr. José Pastor Ramírez

John the Baptist is another of the great central characters of Advent who calls for practical and radical changes: “Convert, bearing fruit of conversion.” He appeals to the freedom of each one and invites us to travel to the inner world, to the center, to the temple itself to determine through which behavioral changes said conversion will become visible.

Start with the simplest, for example, doing a deep cleaning of the house, the room, the office, the car to get rid of objects that have accumulated and are not necessary, establishing order and cleanliness. Work on behavior patterns that limit, such as: unhealthy habits, hobbies, selfish attitudes, lateness, very subjective criteria, conflicts and unnecessary confrontations with family and friends.

Grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually through good reading, such as: The Word of God, especially that proposed by the Church in the liturgy. In this sense, Saint Paul offers a stupendous indication: “Everything that was written in the past was written for our teaching, so that through our patience and the consolation that the Scriptures give, we may maintain hope.” Pray with the liturgy of the hours. Make a moment of meditation every day. Read books that strengthen our spirituality, personal knowledge or the marital relationship. Have a moment of prayer before and after each meal, as well as at the beginning and end of the day. The examination of conscience at the end of each day helps to grow and project the next day, avoiding repeating the same mistakes.

Starting from the list of contacts to pray for each one of them; have a special detail paying a visit to those we have neglected for whatever reason. Celebrate faith as a family by attending the liturgy organized by the parish.

Restore ties with friends and family who have been affected by the pandemic or other events; resume activities or practices that have been neglected, preferring the comfort of home or the shelter of work.

Avoid superfluous expenses driven by the commercial mirage that is generated around Christmas. It is a contradiction to celebrate “God who was born poor among the poor” wasting economic means that can be saved to invest in family projects or sharing with those most in need.

Do the practice of listening more and talking less. Take care of themselves and others. Put limits on the use of networks, series and cell phones to prevent them from robbing us of serenity and time for friends and family. Organize walks and family gatherings, collaborate with household chores. Do not forget that what matters these days is to prepare and celebrate the coming of Jesus, the Messiah. Breaking with the celebratory routine of each year incorporating something new that strengthens the family unit, growth, the bond with friends and with God. In short, reconciling with God and with his Church would be a wonderful decision.

conversion fruits