Boundless: Apnea, love and passion in Netflix’s new romantic movie

C.amille Rowe And Fianso are the protagonists of Without limitsthe passionate Netflix film destined to make people forget 365 days.

Without limits is the film of David M. Rosenthal that Netflix proposes starting from 9 September. Romantic drama starring the actors Camille Rowe And Sofiane Zermani, tells a passionate love story against the backdrop of an extreme sport like free diving. From the first images of the trailer it is clear how the film will use the world of freediving to tell the passion of a couple under pressure, as in a sort of Le Grand Bluethe film that revealed Luc Besson, romantic and erotic

From the plot spread by Netflix, we deduce that Without limits is a film inspired by a true story, even if at the moment nothing else is known.

The plot of the film Without limits

Without limits, the new Netflix movie, tells the story of Roxana (Camille Rowe) and her meeting with Pascal Gauthier (Sofiane Zermani), world champion in free diving. From the very first moment, Roxana falls madly in love with her.

When Pascal approaches her to an extreme sport that is as exciting as it is dangerous, she becomes his lover and student. Going from one diving competition to another in various locations around the world, Roxana begins to exceed all limits, completely involved in the events of this passionate story… but how far will she go?

The poster of Without limits.

The two protagonists

The Netflix movie Without limits has for protagonist Camille Rowe as Roxana. Roxana abandons her studies and leaves her life in Paris to take a freediving course in the south of France. And this is where she runs into Pascal Gauthier, the world champion who teaches her and whom she falls in love with. Thus she begins a journey that allows her to discover both how intense the underwater sport is and aspects of herself that she did not yet know.

With a relationship that becomes increasingly murky, hot and unpredictable, Roxana sees her limits pushed to excess. Love and freediving share both the charm and the danger: how far will she be ready to push herself? To what physical and emotional depth is she willing to go?

Camille Rowe is known for being the protagonist of the film Rock’n’roll by Guillaume Canet and The house at the bottom of the lake, recently seen on Sky. For gossip lovers, however, her name is linked to the actor and singer Harry Stiles: according to the chronicles, the two lived a love affair that lasted a year and ended in July 2018 in a not exactly serene way.

As Pascal in the Netflix movie Without limits he says instead Sofiane Zermanibetter known as Fianso. Rapper, actor and entrepreneur, Fianso has many arrows in his bow and never ceases to surprise his audience. Recently, he was in fact the protagonist of the French series Hors Saison, still unpublished in Italy. Born in 1993, Fianso also took part in films Enemy brothers And The bad grass. Married since he was 19, he is also the father of two children to whom he has also dedicated a song.

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