The Simpsons: The Best Episode is a treatise on faith, religion and … sleep

One of the best episodes of The Simpsonsentitled “Homer the heretic”Of the fourth season, is a fascinating exploration of the difference between religion and faith.

Homer the heretic”Is one of the most fascinating episodes of The Simpsons never produced.
The script highlights the impact that faith can have on someone as typically angry as Homer

In addition to being hilarious throughout its duration, the episode emphasizes the importance of inner peace and acceptance of any view of the universe.
It also addresses the differences between personal spirituality and collective religion.
The result is one of the thematically heaviest episodes of the entire series and also one of the best.

The plot of the episode

Directed by Jim Reardon and written by George Meyerthe episode centers on Homer in the middle of winter who decides not to accompany his family to church on a Sunday morning, ends up having fun alone, and decides never to go back to church, despite his wife Marge’s pleas to the contrary.
Although the basis for this idea comes from sheer laziness, Homer ends up arguing with both Marge than with the Reverend Lovejoyclaiming to have had a conversation with God in a dream.

However, as Homer attains more and more peace with himself, he also becomes more and more contemptuous of any religion.
Later a fire breaks out in the family home and nearly kills him before fortunately the Christian neighbor Ned Flandersthe Jew Krusty the clown and the Hindu Apu Nahasapeemapetilon come to his rescue.
Their help allows Homer to learn that faith can come in many ways, but the important thing is how you use it in everyday life.
He therefore promises to return to church next Sunday, where, however, he falls asleep promptly.
Meet Dio once again, who has a friendly chat with Homer at the end of the episode.

Homer the hereticRemains consistently hilarious with great performances and great animation.
But what sets the episode apart is its thematic exploration of faith and religion and how it highlights the difference between the two.
Neither The Simpsonsthe family goes to church more out of obligation than anything else.
The family lacks the firm moral guidelines that Flanders follows, both Homer and Bart complain often, and Lisa begins the journey to become a Buddhist.
The church remains a part of their weekly schedule, but it has little effective impact on their lives.
But while future episodes will focus on Homer becoming more religious and struggling with the darker aspects of life, this episode sees the family man become more spiritual, which has a big effect on him.

What makes “Homer the Heretic” one of the best episodes of The Simpsons

Even when “Homer the heretic”Turns against Homer, nothing necessarily shows that he is wrong in his views on spirituality.
His conversation with God makes him feel empathy, something that God accepts with good humor.
Homer spends most of the episode surprisingly quiet, casually attracting the woodland creatures that usually appear on the show just to attack other characters.
Homer’s life is threatened by a fire caused by his contemptuous attitude instead of an angry God, and his life is saved not by a Christian, but through the joint efforts of the spiritual peoples of Springfield.
Regardless of which religion they belong to, it is their morality that drives them to rush to help Homer.

The episode is about the power of spirituality and undermines all attempts to blame or pressure Homer into a specific belief system.
Even when he goes back to church, it means nothing to him; it is only when he falls asleep that he finds comfort through another conversation with God.
The Simpsons they have always had a unique perspective on religion, taking giant steps to show Christianity in particular through a different lens.
The portrayals the show often makes of religion are in line with its habit of targeting authority, but there has also been an embrace of faith and a demonstration of the power it can have over someone to improve their lives and the lives of others.

The Simpsons - Homer

Homer’s spiritual growth in this episode sees him calmer and more peaceful than he is in almost all the other episodes and while this time God is shown intervening to help Flanders, there is no divine wrath to “correct” Homer. .
It is up to him to determine his spirituality.
The Simpsons reach heights of both humor and intensity in “Homer the Heretic”That leave you speechless.

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The Simpsons: The Best Episode is a treatise on faith, religion and … sleep