‘Ponte a punto’, the dean congress of personal development meets again with the public in Pontevedra to celebrate its 10th anniversary

The event of Personal development “Ponte a punto” returns faithful to its face-to-face appointment in Pontevedra to celebrate its tenth anniversary in style; which makes him the oldest personal growth event in Galicia and one of the longest running in Spain. “Ponte a punto” began its journey in 2012 with renowned speakers such … Read more

Good seers in Pontevedra: The best good seers in Pontevedra

Good seers in Pontevedra consult the best seers in Pontevedra. For this occasion, through this informative article, you will discover one of the best and most professional Galician seers that you can find on the internet. Marian Lugo is a professional fortune teller who has exercised her vocation as Galician seerfor many years, offering its … Read more