Ancient improvisation between enchantment and creativity

Locum Sacrum is the name of a jazz festival organized inside the Convent of San Francesco di Paola, located in Spezzano della Sila in Calabria. A magical place, where spirituality and the sacred accompany visitors and, in our case, characterize the music of a fascinating record directed by saxophonists Francesco Caligiuri and Nicola Pisani. Deeply … Read more

André Manoukian: without improvisation, “we’re a little stuck in the ass”

André Manoukian is back at fenua for a “keying conference”, Notes that love each other, in which he wants to share his immoderate love for music. From Antiquity to Duke Ellington, from Sheila to Beethoven, from his years of music theory to his passion for the divas, the very media-friendly jazzman, who handles improvisation as … Read more